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Copenhagen itinerary

Hello all,

Our daughter is studying in Copenhagen in the fall. We are visiting her for a week in early November. Beyond spending a few days in the city with her, I am somehow overwhelmed at the thought of choosing a second place in the region to visit (as we don't want to spend the entire time in Copenhagen).

A few questions.

Is it too cold/cloudy to visit Oslo that time of year? How long do you need in Oslo to see the sights, and is that a good use of our time? Same questions really for Stockholm. I don't know if there is more to see in either location. I'd rather travel to only two cities in the week so as to not spend all of our time traveling. Any recommendations? Favorites?

As an alternative, we may go to London or Paris for the second part of the week, so we have good backup plans, but would like to take advantage of being in that part of the world.

Thank you for any ideas/suggestions.

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There is more to see than capitals you know and you don't have to fly halfway across Europe to find something interesting.
You need at least 2 to 3 days for Copenhagen depending on your interests. Then you could do day trips to Helsingør and see Kronborg Castle (the setting of Shakespeares Hamlet), to Hillerød and see Frederiksborg Palace and to Roskilde to see the viking ship museeum and the Cathedral. You could also cross the bridge to Sweden and see Malmø and Lund.
If you are keen on either Oslo or Stockholm i would pick Stockholm any day.

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Morton, thank you very much for your reply! I hope I didn't offend by suggesting there was nothing more to see in your country than the city proper. :) I just find planning an itinerary a bit overwhelming and thus my mind sticks with the places I know. I greatly appreciate you pointing out possible day trips, and will look into those.

We visited Paris last year and one of the best things about the trip was that we stayed in an apartment and soaked up the daily life and that's something I think we may do in Copenhagen. We're more leisurely travelers than on-the-go.


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You're welcome and no offense taken :-) I can easily see how the big European cities pop up in you mind when you are trying to plan you trip. However there is usually enough to see in a week in most places without having to travel too much.
The day trips i suggested are the most obvious and popular ones, but if you have any particular interests, like art museums, architecture, history etc. I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If your daugther has been here for a little while when you visit, I'm sure she will be able to show you some daily life.

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Hi - very coincidentally, our own daughter is studying in Copenhagen and we leave tonight to visit her. We are going to spend about three days in Copenhagen and the immediate area. We are going to visit Salzburg and Munich fairly quickly during the 10 days we'll be gone, since my wife hasn't been there and we got a good fare. I have never been to Copenhagen, but have been to Stockholm and Oslo and agree 100% with the earlier comment that Stockholm is the more interesting of the two.

We don't have a super-set itinerary in Copenhagen since part of the visit is to hang out with the daughter and meet her host family. I know that I'm going to hop on a bike while I'm there and try not to kill any Danes in the process.


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Safe travels! I hope she has had a great experience. Copenhagen is becoming quite the hot spot for studying abroad. Please check back after your trip if anything stands out as a must do!

Good luck with the biking! Lol


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Mike where will you be biking around, just so i can avoid that particular area :-)
On a more serious note, as someone who commutes by bike to work every day, there is nothing worse than tourists who are treating their bikes and the bike path like some novelty toy, please don't be that guy! For many Copenhagernes the bike is their main mode of transport and there are rules to follow just like you would in a car.
If you want to rent one there is a city wide bike scheme
If you are content to just watch this (to you Americans) novel way of transport, go to Dronning Louises Bridge that crosses the lakes in Nørrebro and find a bench. Though if the weather is nice you will have to compete for space with the young hipsters and their boom boxes.

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Mike -in regards to the biking, I hope that no Danes kill you :-) Our reaction to having spent several days walking in Copenhagen this summer was that this was perhaps the most aggressive bike culture we have encountered.