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Copenhagen in December

I have four days free the first week in December. I will be departing from the Faroe Islands and need to be in Manchester ( England ) four days later.

I have been to Copenhagen before but there are some sights I missed.

For those who are from there or have been that time of year....good idea? Bad idea?

FYI, I spent a month in Scotland earlier this year and that was not my first visit. Prior to the Faroes I will be in Iceland.

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Well it’s going to be grey, rainy and Dark most of the time, but that can be said for the Faroes and Manchester as well. December has the added charm of Christmas decorations and the odd Christmas market, though we dont really do them like the Germans.
As long as you are prepared for the weather and darkness and plan for indoor activities.

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My wife and I lived in Germany some years ago and Denmark was the easiest place to get married.

We were married in January. The weather in Copenhagen was actually a little better than what we had in Bavaria at the time.
December is not the best time to visit Copenhagen, but you can still enjoy it.

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I was in Copenhagen for 8 days in the first two weeks of December 2017.
It was lovely!
Quite cold, between 0-8C most days.
It was dry except for a couple of rainy mornings, and it tried to snow but that never came to anything at all.
I did wear all my winter clothing, including long underwear.
I've just looked back at my photos, and don't see wet streets in any of them.
If it is lousy weather, there are many, many palaces, castles, markets and museums to keep dry and warm in!
I loved it at that time of year; and of course everything is looking Christmas-y too.
So: it's a good idea to go at that time of year!

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Downtown is beautiful with lots of lights and Christmas decorations. Check out the Christmas Market for hot beverages and stroll through Tivoli Gardens.