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Copenhagen in a day!

We will be in Copenhagen for a day/night after our cruise debarks in the morning. We have a 6am flight the next day (boo). We will be taking a bike tour with Mike's Bikes the day we embark, thus will get an overview at that time. My question is, what would you recommend we see and do in such limited time? It is my adult daughter and myself, we are game for pretty much anything, but aren't huge museum/art lovers. I was thinking about Tivoli in the evening, but that's all I have in mind. Your thoughts please? Much appreciated, as always!

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So much to do in 24 hours! I would recommend seeing Rosenborg Castle and the gardens nearby. A good way to see a lot in a short while is one of the canal tours (follow Rick's advice and use the cheaper Netto Badene, it is the same tour as the more expensive company whose name escapes me). We really thought Christiania was unique and interesting, but it is further away from some of the other places of interest, and it isn't everyone's thing. If you do want to see a great museum, check out the National Museum (which has the added bonus of being free). Definitely walk around the Nyhavn area. Tivoli was closed when we were in Copenhagen, but an evening there sounds nice. Get lunch at either Copenhagen Street Food (on Papiroen, near Christiania) or Torvehallerne (near Rosenborg Slot). Both are great (Street Food a bit cheaper and bigger selection). Don't waste your time going to the Little Mermaid statute, it's tiny and way out of the way (also if you do a canal tour, you'll pass by her).

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Thank you,Steve. Now I have a plan! I have a guidebook, but couldn't prioritize. The food ideas were an added bonus! Thanks again for your input!

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Steve's suggestions are good - Rosenborg Castle, harbor tour and National Museum with coffee and Wienerbrød stops between.

The Rosenborg Castle was very popular during our January visit. So much of an off season. We got there just after opening with a minimal line to purchase tickets. By the time we finished the castle and treasury tour the entry line was out of the ticket building.

The National Museum is less art and more about the Danish cultural history. Very worthwhile and free.

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The National Museum is really great. So is the Nazi Resistance Museum (forget the exact name), particularly if you like WWII history. That might be too much museum time since you aren't big on museums. Tivoli is charming, but when we were there in late June, it was absolutely packed, which took a lot of the enjoyment away.

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I did one of Mike's Bike Tours when I was in Copenhagen in 2012. He's great and the tour is great (assuming you're taking the City Tour). But you might see enough of the things on your list while you're on the tour so you won't necessarily feel the need to go back and explore them in more depth afterward. Or you might see something you are eager to go back and check out in more detail.

For example, we rode (or walked our bikes -- I seem to recall biking in the park was not permitted) through Kongens Have (the park adjacent to Rosenborg Slot), so that might either entice you to return and tour the castle or not. The interior of the castle is actually quite impressive, so I was glad I went back to see it.

The bike tour did not go across to Christianshavn, so that is a good option if time allows. And even though it's very touristy, you really should take time to just walk along the Strøget, Copenhagen's main shopping pedestrian street, with detours to see some of the nearby sites. Rick has a nice self-guided walking tour in his Scandinavia guidebook.

Too bad you don't have more time, but you're in for a wonderful, fun-filled day. Enjoy!