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Copenhagen free time on RS tour in August

Realizing that answers will be subjective, please tell me what you found most important to see/do in Copenhagen. The hotel is in Nyhavn and it appears from the itinerary that we are guided around the historical center. Then free time. Suggestions include Rosenborg Castle, Tivoli Gardens or Christiania (zero interest in this one) We will definitely visit the Cathedral of Our Lady for the Thorvaldsen sculptures but am weighing options of Rosenborg Castle or Christiansborg Palace. Which would/did you choose with limited time? Also is Tivoli worth dropping by in the evening? Don't want to ride, I am centrifugally challenged LOL. Spin me around and I wilt, but I have been told that the "gardens" part is worth a look? Would you climb one of the towers for the city views? I would love to hear how you would prioritize a few hours. Thanks

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I loved Tivoli at night. We went on a weekend concert night and the place was packed. I normally do not like crowds, but I absolutely loved all the lights and activity. If you want to eat dinner there, make a reservation. The restaurants are crowded and seating is difficult without a reservation.

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I think Christiania is an interesting place to visit, but it's certainly not for everyone. If you don't have any interest in it, don't waste your time there.

Yes, the Danish Resistance Museum is temporarily closed due to arson. They luckily managed to save the irreplaceable items and they will be reopening the museum next year. Sadly, the arsonist was never found.

I think it's worth it to drop by Tivoli in the evening, and you don't have to be a typical amusement park-goer to enjoy Tivoli. It can be a calm visit, where you look at the gardens, the lights, see what's on at the Pantomime Theatre, go look at a display of some sorts (check the daily programme) and sit down at a restaurant or café to get something to drink or eat.

As for Rosenborg vs. Christiansborg, I would recommend Rosenborg to most visitors.

Regarding towers with nice views, you have Rundetårn (The Round Tower), Tårnet at Christiansborg and the spire on Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of our Saviour). I'd climb on of them, probably either Rundetårn or Vor Frelsers Kirke.

I think a canal tour is a must in Copenhagen, so if it isn't on your itinerary, I think you should add it yourself. In addition to Stromma, there's also Nettobådene

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You will be in Copenhagen twice on the tour. I skipped the historical walk with the group on the first visit to do a food tour with food I walked about 6 miles on the food tour and it was fantastic. I really loved the botanical gardens and the Torvehallerne food market. I do not enjoy castles though. On the second visit, prior to getting on the ferry to Oslo, I had lunch at Torvehallerne, went back to the gardens to see what I missed on the food tour, and then enjoyed the gardens at Rosenborg castle.
Have a great trip, it is a fantastic tour. If you haven't looked at the tour scrapbooks, I recommend that.

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Rosenborg Castle is a little jewel of a building! It's so petite, compared to other European palaces, but absolutely gorgeous inside...make sure to go to the "basement" to see the crown jewels of Denmark. I also enjoyed the Danish Design Center - if you like Scandanavian style furniture and decor this place is great! Even if you only have time to stop in quickly to visit the gift shop and have a coffee in the garden tucked in back, it's worth it. The garden is beautiful and it's just steps from Christiansborg Palace Square. Copenhagen is a very compact city and nothing is more than a 15 -20 minute walk from anything else. Personally, unless you are reallly into vintage amusement parks, I would skip Tivoli unless you can be there at night when it's all lit up. Yes, it's very unique and very nice but for the admission price, I would not bother since you have very limited time. If you are into food you can go across the harbor to's a large enclosed warehouse (for lack of a better word) filled with food trucks and food stalls. AMAZING!

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Papiroen closed!? Oh no...that place was fantastic! Oh well...I'm sure there are many others. Thanks for the heads-up.

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We went to Tivoli to have a traditional Danish dinner that was recommended. I wouldn’t recommend spending any of your time at Tivoli. We stayed near it and did not like the area.
We enjoyed taking a canal boat cruise which also included riding through Christiana, passed by the Opera House and the Little Mermaid.
We went to Rosenborg Castle too but mostly walked around the city.

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I agree that Christiania fell short but another vote for Tivoli. We visited it a couple times in the 4 nights we had in Copenhagen. But my "favorite" Copenhagen stop is their Resistance Museum. It is one of the best I've been to in all of Europe/Scandinavia. Rosenborg was interesting but I wouldn't call it a highlight.

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If you are guided around the historical center, then you will most likely see Christiansborg Palace from the outside. If I had to pick a palace to see inside, I would say Rosenborg >> Christiansborg > Amalienborg. Rosenborg's got the Crown Jewels, plus the royal garden outside, but it is the furthest away from the city center.
The Thorvaldsen museum also has casts of the apostle sculptures, and it's right next door to Christiansborg, so it's possible to get both of those done in limited time.
The Round Tower is only a couple blocks from the cathedral, but Copenhagen really doesn't have that memorable of a skyline for a view. But I would prioritize a canal tour over a skyline view.
There's not much open in the evening (museums, shops), so besides the bar/restaurant scene in Nyhavn, Tivoli is pretty much the only night action in the city. I think Tivoli is nicer to see lit up at night, the "gardens" really aren't that unique in the daytime.

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Tivoli didn't interest us, but that doesn't mean it might work for you.

Rosenborg Castle was great. Nyhaven was nice, as was the Royal Palace. Also enjoyed the harbor cruise.