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Copenhagen Card, pick up question


I will be making two stops in Copenhagen this summer, one for about 24 hours and the other (about four weeks later) for two full days. For the second part, I think the Copenhagen card is a good idea, but I'm unsure about pick up policies. I'd like to order it online, pick it up during my first visit, and then not activate it until the second (this is because I'll be arriving, the second time, on a very early train. The Copenhagen Visitors Centre won't yet be open and I'd like to hop immediately on the metro and get to my hotel). I can tell from the website that I can do this if I order it by mail, but I'm leaving in less than 3 weeks and I'd just as soon not pay the postage fee. But I can't tell if it "automatically" activates when I purchase it in person, or if I can decide when to start.