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Copenhagen Card

We will be in Copenhagen from Aug 5 to Aug 9. We won't be renting a car. Would there be any advantage in purchasing the Copenhagen Card for Transport and Museums and such?

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I bought a Copenhagen Card in 2019 and i lost money on it but it might be a good deal for someone else.

i am old and need a lot of down time. I can not go and go and go. Someone else might be able to do a lot of things in the same day like two museums and a palace.

I believe that it also includes transportation benefits but I did not use transportation very often. Copenhagen is said to have excellent transportation but I could not figure it out and I did get lost.

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Depends on how busy you want to be, but it can save you money if you’re busy. The CC website has a somewhat clunky calculator that can help you figure out the breakeven. Your dates include a Monday (8/7) when museums are often closed, so make sure to account for that.

For reference, I didn’t have the card when I visited years ago but saw 9 attractions on the card list over 3.5 days. Doing that same itinerary today with a 96 hour Copenhagen Card (the Discover version) would save me $71 plus 3 days of transit fares.

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I got it for my visit in 2017.
I didn’t save much money, but what was great was the convenience of being able to hop on and off buses any time ,and get trains to Helsingor and Roskilde.
No looking for tickets, cash, etc.
I topped it up after a week, and it got me to and from the airport as well.

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We got it last summer and thought it was money well spent. We visited enough attractions in and near Copenhagen and used transit and the trains often enough to save some money and get a lot of convenience. We bought ours at the TI, which also had a lot of good information.

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Have used it in 2022 and 2017. I consider it an outstanding value for active individuals. Three of us pushed our activities to the limit on one of the days and felt that it alone paid for the card. Used it also for just about every mode of transportation connected to it.

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Copenhagen is one city that I felt very strongly the purchase of their city card was worthwhile. And in our case it actually saved us money. We also did not rent a car in Copenhagen so we used the card to get from the airport to our hotel, to take a canal tour, visit several sites and more metro uses.

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I was recently in Copenhagen and I got the 5 day card. I crunched the numbers before buying and figured I would save money especially since I got the once that includes the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde and transport.
Do the math and decide whether it will work for you based on your plans.

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Going to Copenhagen in September and definitely will be buying the Copenhagen City Card-- aka the "Copenhagen Card" because it will save both money and time. Here's why: It covers admission costs to more than 80 Copenhagen attractions including the top tourist attractions and attractions great for families such as the Copenhagen Zoo, the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, and the Oresund Aquarium.
If you only planned to see Christiansborg Palace ( $26 adult admission without the Copenhagen Card) Rosenborg Castle ($19) Tivoli Gardens ($23) Amalienborg Palace ($19) and take a Boat Tour of Copenhagen ($20) the 24-hour Copenhagen Card at $68 more than pays for itself. This year the card even covers roundtrip train tickets ($25) for the 35-minute ride to Roskilde AND admission( to the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum ($24) and Roskilde Cathedral ($10). Another bonus is that this year Kronborg Castle’s $22 admission AND the 45-minute train ride ( $44 roundtrip) are included. It is 16th-century Kronborg Castle that Shakespeare used as the setting for Hamlet.
The Danish Resistance Museum, Danish Architecture Center, and the even the drydocked Submarine “Saero” all are free with the card.
The Copenhagen Card also covers the cost of all public transit while you're in Copenhagen-- including to and from the airport.
You can buy the Official Copenhagen City Card for a wide range of timeframes from 24 hours to 120 hours at Another advantage is the timespan it covers is in hours-- not days. So, a 24-hour Copenhagen Card for $68 validated at noon on the first day will be valid until noon on the second day. Your first use of the card starts the clock. A 48-hour Copenhagen Card is priced at about $100 and a 72-hour card is priced at $124.

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Tusind tak. I'm glad you clarified that--- I was thinking of the submarine Saelen that was commissioned in 1990 by the Royal Danish Navy. When I went to edit, my screen froze. What caught my eye in reading about it is that the Saelen ( the "Seal") had a crew of 24 and it could deploy Danish Navy Seals Here in San Diego, the Navy Seals of the US Navy have their training center. I didn't know Denmark had a unit in the Royal Navy called Seals ( SEa, Air and Land squadron) The Saelen actually saw action while in service, and was decommissioned in 2004.
Looking forward to seeing Copenhagen, the Saelen sub, and some of the other fascinating attractions Denmark has!

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We don't call them SEALs. They go by the name "Frømandskorpset"; roughly " Frog mans unit". Our crownprince Frederik, actually passed the acceptance test and base training during his military career.

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I would like to chime in on this thread. I will be in Copenhagen in 5 days. Which card works better… the one with the hop-on/hop-off bus or the one that uses local transportation?

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I will be in Copenhagen in 5 days. Which card works better… the one with the hop-on/hop-off bus or the one that uses local transportation?

With 5 days a daytrip or two are recommended so local/regional transport is better. Personally I think hop buses have too low frequency to be useful for transport. A lot can be done on foot too, Reffen is one of the exceptions but with local transport you can choose between ferry and bus.

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I’d buy the “Copenhagen City Card Discover” because it covers 80 attractions ( the Hop-On card only covers 40 attractions) and all public transit in Copenhagen. It also covers roundtrip train tickets to Roskilde, admission to both the Viking Ship Museum and Roskilde Cathedral—where the monarchs of Denmark are interred. Also included are roundtrip train tickets and admission to Kronborg Castle in Helsingor— the very castle Shakespeare used for the setting of “Hamlet.”

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Run the numbers. If you aren't going out of Copenhagen city center, the Hop card is better - if that pays off. I might not if you walk a lot rather than take Metro or bus or if you only see one or two attractions a day. I "ran numbers" for a one day stay with no out of towns planned. It didn't pay off for our itinerary.

Discover is great for going out of town. We had a 120 hour card that we used for trips to Roskilde, Helsingor, Lyngby, and Hillerod as well as airport transportation. The cost of the card covered the transport and the attractions we saw.