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Copenhagen Card

I just want to pass along some information about the Copenhagen Card. For the most part, if you are an organized and a well planned traveler, the CC card will likely be a good value. I think we did ok, but there are some things to consider that we did not realize, until we got there.

We found the old town area of Copenhagen to be very walkable. With that being the case, the transportation benefit of the CC did not have the value that we found it did with other city cards that we purchased.

Also, CC advertises many sights as being "free" with the Copenhagen Card. We found that several of the sights that were advertised were free anyway...a bit deceptive.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing was that we took a Bike with Mike tour (which was fabulous). It was advertised on the CC app with a 25% discount. After the bike tour, when it was time to pay, the proprietor told us that he had not been affiliated with CC for several months and was having difficulty in getting CC to pull is business from their advertised offerings. We paid him in full and took it up with CC when we returned home. We explained the situation and asked them to reimburse us the 25% that we paid Bike with Mike. At first they disputed that they advertised his business on their web sight. I then sent them a screen grab of the advertisement from their app. They apologized for the confusion and then stated that they did not issue refunds of any kind. They refused to make good and stand behind their product as advertised.'s not about they money, really...but about integrity. We were disappointed. Buyer beware!

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Like any other discount card you just have to check whats included, the cost without the card, what you intend to visit and do the math. It seems to me that the Copenhagen card really pays off is if you intend to do day trips to places like Helsingør, Hillerød and Roskilde, were transport and entrances to the various castles and museums are included. It's especially the transport to these places that are expensive and where the card comes in handy.
Take a day trip to Helsingør to visit Kronborg Castle and the Maritime Musseum as an example. Train is 216kr each way, Kronborg is 90kr and the maritime museeum is 110kr. Thats 416kr in total. The CPH card for one day is 359kr, so you save 57kr. but it's the transport thats the biggest expense.

As you said, Copenhagen is very walkable, so you will hardly ever need to use public transport in the city center and places like the National Museeum is free anyway, so you will have to visit a lot of musseums in one day to pay it off.

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We never buy "city cards". Except here - we bought the 5-day cards last year. We calculated in advance that between the sites that we knew we wanted to visit plus the transportation savings that we would be way ahead, and were. Even better was their "day" means a full 24 hour day, and not from when you buy it to 3AM the next morning. By setting our start time for 8 AM the morning after we got there (we walked from the train to our lodging near Christiania) we were covered though our Metro to the airport 5 mornings later. Even had there been a problem with a site not hooked up any longer, we were still well ahead.

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Yes, the area between Nyhavn and Tivoli is walkable.

I found the Copenhagen Card transportation options most useful for traveling to Roskilde (Viking Ship Museum, Cathedral), Hillerod (Frederiksborg), Helsingor (Kronborg) and other sights around north Zealand. We used a "private" train, so called because it's run on a different line, to visit a beach on the north coast after Helsingor; that train was also included on the pass. The pass was also useful for getting to and from the airport and to the cruise port and back.

As with all of these cards, it's best to compare costs of your planned sights without the card with the cost of the card. Sights you would have probably skipped but stop by because they're free are a bonus. There's no perfect answer of whether they're worth the money, it's better to decide whether they're worth the money for you - for this trip?