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Copenhagen airport--finding someone else there

We are looking at the Copenhagen airport map and can't tell what part is inside security and what part is outside security. We will not have a phone, and want to set up two meeting places, one inside, and one outside in case we are already outside. What are two good meeting places to meet. We were thinking at baggage claim but there seem to be two baggage claims.
We are flying in Delta (KLM) and Icelandair.

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I assume it is this map you are looking at
It only shows the are that is inside security. There is only one baggage claim, but the map does not show the actual baggage claim, only the two escalators that leads down to the baggage claim, which is on another floor.
A good meeting place in the baggage claim area could be the tax free shop there (not the tax free shop shown on the map). It's right in the center of the area, easy to find, and not very big, so you should be able to find each other once there.