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Copenhagen airport distance between terminals

I land in Terminal 3 (Norwegian Airlines), Copenhagen Airport, which I think is gate C and have to go to a Norwegian gate in Terminal 1. I think the gate is 21 or 22. How long of a walk is this?

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There's an overview chart here:

As you can see terminal3, finger C is quite long so much depend on which gate you land in. There walkways, but it will take some time.

terminal 1 used to be the domestic airport, but I don't know who fly there now. It is in Zone 8 on the chart.

The following time (gu)estimates are based on what I can remember from last time I traveled by air.
Getting out of the plane: 15 - 30 minutes (depends on the size of the plane
From end of finger C to immigration: 400 meters - 10 minutes
Immigration: 5 - 90 minutes (depends on who else lands at the same time)
From immigration to Terminal 1: 600 meters - 15 minutes

I can walk faster than that, but not if the airport is full.

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Copenhagen airport is relatively small compared to Heathrow, JFK or CDG airports.
Yes, there would be a bit of a walk, but we find that after a long flight, the walk is nice.

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Copenhagen Airport is de facto a single terminal airport. The terms Terminal 1, 2 and 3 refer to different check-in areas landside. Terminal 1 was the former domestic terminal but is closed now. Airside, the airport is just one large terminal divided into several piers designated by letters. Non-schengen flights arrive and depart from pier C. Most Schengen flights with Norwegian depart from pier A. Walking distance is 15 minutes, but you have to add time for immigration when arriving from a non-schengen country. Immigration is probably no more than 10 minutes, maybe 15.