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Would love to visit ..but so afraid to travel with all that is going on in this world...any help on how things are going as far as worrying about safety
Thanks in advance

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What exactly are you refering to that is 'going on in the world'?
Copenhagen is one of the safest cities in the world, so statistically speaking, you would probably be safer coming here, than staying where you are.

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By all means go. Copenhagen is a wonderful city and is safer than most cities in the US. Speaking of safety, are you planning on driving to the airport? How many thousand people have been killed in automobile wrecks since Paris? The event in Paris was terrible but in terms of lives lost no worse than a commercial airliner crashing. In singular terms it was a bad event but in terms of the grand scheme of life it was just another happening. Life is not foolproof, read Greg Ip's book FOOLPROOF if you don't believe me. Go to Copenhagen and have a good time.

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I guess terrorism works, this question comes up so much. Whatever, I would look at it as an opportunity to visit and perhaps have fewer crowds, i.e. more incentive to visit (Europe) than before.

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I was in Copenhagen (and elsewhere in Denmark) in October. I never felt unsafe at any point. There are areas of NYC I would be more nervous about visiting that really anywhere I went to in Copenhagen. Sure, stuff happens. It could happen anywhere, including a workplace in California, an elementary school in our home state, or a theater in Paris. I'm not downplaying how terrifying these events are, but my point is that Europe is just as safe as the US.

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Pat: We traveled in Europe this past September and October--in the midst of the economic migrant wave--and had no problems, despite being on a train that was stopped between Germany and Austria for several hours as the German government figured out how to deal with the increasing wave of people. Rather than being a cause of concern, it was an opportunity to learn and to see the world from a different perspective. If you have specific concerns, you can go to the State Department website and review travel advisories for the specific areas you want to visit.