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converters and adapters to use American products in Scandinavia

I am confused. I know this is not supposed to be difficult. If I bring American appliances to Scandinavia, what converters and adapters do I need?

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It is simple but requires a little work on your side. Check the input on the cord of each appliances to see what input is required. It is says something around 120v, than it will only work with 120v (standard US). That would require a converter to convert 220/240 volts to 120v. IF the input says same thing like 120-240v, then all you would need is a plug adapter to change the two flat blades to the round blade type plug. One big caution - you used the word appliances so I don't want you intend to bring. Most electionic items - cell phones, computers, etc., will use dual voltage and will be OK with just a plug adapter -- BUT you do have to double check.

If you are asking about hair dryers, irons, anything that heats up then that creates a new set of problems. High wattage things like hair dryers that draw 1500, 1800, 2000 watts need a special high wattage converter. These converters are big, heavy, and expensive. Even with the high wattage converters the potential for damage to your hair dryer is still possible. I would avoid anything that needs a high wattage converter. You can buy dual voltage hair dryers, etc., or buy one when you get there.

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Yes, Karen, PLEASE disclose what you mean by "appliances". It really is very important to give you a complete and accurate answer.

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It may have just been my hotel, but I found that the standard Schuko plug from the rest of Europe did not fit well in Denmark. I don't remember a similar problem in Norway, Sweden or Finland.

Where's Ken? He usually has a good canned spiel on this oft-repeated topic.