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Connection in CPH to LAX

Hello fellow travelers.

I am booked on a flight coming from Amsterdam to Copenhagen with a 70 minute layover before hopping on a transatlantic flight back to LAX. This is all booked on one ticket through SAS.

I’m a bit concerned about the tight layover time. Based on my poking around at flights around the same times for the past few days, it looks like the arrival flight will land at the A gates, and my departure will be in the C gates. This time looks like roughly 30 minutes of walking between gates, not including passport control time.

2 questions:
1. Do you know if passport control will be done in Amsterdam, rather than Copenaghen?
2. Do you know if the 70 minute time frame is enough time?

I do feel a bit safer knowing this is all booked on the same ticket and SAS knows we should be on both flights. I am just a bit nervous about the tight schedule.

I appreciate any input you can offer. Thank you!

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You will exit Schengen at Copenhagen and get an exit stamp on your passport. Amsteram to Copenhagen is just a domestic flight.
Of course, you will have to show your passport in Amsterdam to board your flight, but this is true for any flight.

Seems to me that 70 minutes is enough time. SAS thinks it is enough time.

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Copenhagen’s Airport is small enough that you can even walk between its two terminals in ten minutes. CPH Airport officially says 45 minutes is sufficient time to transfer between flights
when your luggage is checked all the way through to your final destination—in your case to LAX.

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30 minutes is a very pessimistic walking time from A to C. Even if you arrive at and leave from the very end of each pier I'd say it takes about 15 minutes to walk from gate to gate.

You go through passport control when you leave Schengen, i.e. in Copenhagen. But there will be no regular security check there as that is done in Amsterdam. Just whatever additional security US paranoia requires.

70 minutes is plenty of time in my opinion and I would not be worried about it. Copenhagen is not a huge mega hub, so it is easy to navigate.

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I am so looking forward to visiting Denmark in a couple weeks. It is so compact that the Metro ride from CPH ( Kastrup) Airport into central Copenhagen
takes all of 15 minutes! Try THAT at LAX, from where I too am departing. I know it will take 15 minutes x3 just to get from the parking lot to the Airport terminal!

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If it puts your mind at ease, I'm sure you can find a video tour of Copenhagen airport on YouTube.