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Confused by how DFDS prices cabins

I thought it might be too early to book a cabin on the DFDS overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo for a date next July, but I checked online to see if bookings are available and they are. We're making this trip on a weekday, so I expected the price to be lower than if we were making the trip on a weekend, and I expected I might see good rates because I'm doing this so early. However, I didn't expect to get the deal I got. Prices were quoted in Euro. There were a bunch of cabin choices in the "standard" category (inside cabins), more choices in the "standard with sea view" category, and more choices in the "premium" category. Our 2-bed cabin in the premium category cost just 88 Euro. On the page listing all the choices is a statement that all pricing is per cabin not per person. And here's the confusing part. 88 Euro is the same price listed for the 2-bed cabins without windows in the "standard" category, and it's actually cheaper than any of the 2-bed cabins listed in the "standard with sea view" category, which are listed at 108 Euro or 114 Euro, depending on bed configuration. We got a balcony room in Commodore Class. Included in the price is the breakfast buffet and access to the Commodore Lounge where they have free snacks and beverages, apparently including wine and beer. All I can figure out is that they must offer some very good deals early on, and when those sell out, people have to either pay more or take the rooms with fewer amenities or both. While I was playing around with this, before doing the booking, I accidentally got on the UK version of the DFDS website, and the prices were quoted in British pounds instead of Euro. When I did the conversion, I saw that the cabins were much much more expensive on that site, as in, more than twice as high. How odd! So I quickly got off that site and back onto the other one. My payment went through, I got a multi-page confirmation email spelling everything out, listing me and my husband as booked passengers in a 2-bed Commodore cabin with balcony, everything appears legitimate. Has anyone else had this experience? I'd love to hear the reassuring words that this happened to you, you too got a great deal by booking way in advance and I don't have to be nervous about the fact that on another version of the DFDS website, prices are much higher.

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I know that DFDS has different websites, but I don’t know wich are cheaper. They do sometimes do special deals where the cabins are basically free (the windowless ones in the bottom of the ship). Of course they expect you to spend money on Food and drinks While you are on board. They Call it a mini weekend Cruise, where you sail to Oslo (or Copenhagen), spend the day and sail back the next night.

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Perhaps you were lucky.

If you want to be sure, you could write them and get a confirmation from a person - rather than a computer.