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Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Hi; just wondering if anyone can tell me where some good Christmas Markets might be, in and around Copenhagen.
I know about the ones in the central area; but I was thinking that smaller neighbourhood ones might be nicer and less commercial than those.
I am staying in the Vesterbro area.
Also: I love choirs and small neighbourhood Christmas concerts, as in local churches, etc.; so if you know anything about what might be on from Dec. 6-14th, that would be great!

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Thanks, Sue.
I hope you will tell us about your Copenhagen adventures when you return.
I especially want to know about how you found the weather to be, and if you took buses and other transport, and how that was.
I'm looking forward to my trip, as I've been to lots of places, but never Scandinavia!

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I have just returned from my trip, and wanted to say that the Christmas Markets in Copenhagen were a bit underwhelming.
They are all the same, sell the same things, and are expensive.
No Christmas music playing, and a bit dull all round.
I was disappointed, as I had looked forward to seeing them.
I believe Germany has the best ones, so hopefully I can visit there one winter!
I did like Copenhagen otherwise though; so much to do and see!