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cell phone service in Copenhagen

I am interested in what other travelers have done about cell phone service while in Copenhagen.

I am American and I am with AT&T but have a prepaid plan. In order to get an international plan, I have to upgrade to a postpaid plan and then get their $10 a day international plan. I think that it is called Master Pass or something like that.

I am not going to be calling "home". I just want service within Copenhagen like if I get lost and need to call my hotel or if I have to call another business in Copenhagen while I am there.

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I have used that AT&T plan in several countries, including Denmark, and found it to be terrific. While $10/day can add up if you are away for a couple of weeks, it is definitely less expensive than what they used to charge. I need to have my personal phone available while I'm aboard, but if you do not, then you can pickup a cheap burner phone in Copenhagen and use that - will definitely cost less than $10/day.

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Your other alternative is to buy a local sim card. You will get a new phone number but calls will be cheap.

Just make sure your phone is unlocked.

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Thanks for your replies.

I will need my cell phone for very limited and infrequent use. I have an iPad for data. On the cruise ship, I get some data and phone calls as amenities.

I want to have cell phone service in Copenhagen just to call within Copenhagen like if I get lost or need info or directions. I am planning on spending four days in Copenhagen.

Then I might need it after the cruise before flying out of Copenhagen.

I am taking a wait and see attitude.

Where would I buy a burner phone in Copenhagen?