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carrying cash in Denmark

Hubby and I are taking our first trip to Copenhagen. To prepare, I watched a Wolter's World video on YouTube recently, and he said that Denmark is pretty much cashless -- even if you try to pay with actual money, businesses can't always make change.

Given that, how much cash is advisable to have on us? We aren't renting a car (so no money needed for parking meters), and we will probably get the Copenhagen Card (so no money needed for transit).

Thank you all for any insights.

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Spent a week in Copenhagen while exploring as far as the Copenhagen Card would let us go. I only needed cash for the roadside hotdog stand. I took out less than 40 krone and didn’t need all of it. Used credit card everywhere.

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I stayed in the Copenhagen area (only venturing out to the Louisiana Museum of Art and Kronborg Castle) and never used cash. Didn't get cash when I arrived, didn't need it. I tapped-to-pay everywhere.

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Multiple trips in the last 6 or so years , currently in Europe - just left Denmark. No cash needed on any trip.

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no money needed for parking meters

It's been many years since I have been able to pay for parking in Denmark with cash.

  • Either you take a ticket and pay (with your card) before you leave.
  • Or you install the relevant app, register your registration plate, and then payment is automatic.
  • Or you park and then manually register on your app, that you have arrived.

Signs on the parking lot will tell you which solutions are possible on that parking lot.

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We went to Copenhagen last summer and used Apple Pay everywhere without issue. The only place cash (coins) were needed were for some model trains at the train station. We absolutely loved it there, by the way - super friendly people and beautiful buildings.

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Thank you, everyone! Hubby and I are really looking forward to it and it sounds like we can skip a stop to get local currency.

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I didn't use any cash in Denmark. I would recommend getting a little cash though just in case the ATMs aren't working somewhere or your card stops working.

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We'll probably get $50 worth of DKK then.

You can spend the remants of 300 DKK at the airport before departing.