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Bike rental in Copenhagen/ 6 giant adventure

I am trying to find a place to rent bikes when I am in Copenhagen with my family of 4 adults in June. I will be staying at a private apartment . Can anyone recommend a bike shop near the following address:
- Badstuestræde 4, 1209 Kobengaven

I have googled bike shops in this area and have come up with one - “Bike Experts” about 15 min walk away from the apartment. They do not have a website in English or a reservation page which makes it hard for me to book.

I want to take the bikes to go and explore the 6 hidden giants. This is my next question:
- I am assuming I must take the bikes on a train out to the closet point of the path which connects the 6 giants. Can someone help explain how I do that and where I go first?

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Hi Again!

I have a couple questions on the Giants and Trolls Maps:
1) On the 6 giants map, there are some roads that state they are “restricted access” roads. Does this mean we cannot take a car on them or does it mean cars are only allowed at certain hours? I could not find any details on the restrictions. Can you help clarify what this means?
2) On the Troll map, I zoomed in on “X” marks the spot on the troll in the Rosklide area but it wasn’t quite clear as to how I get to the general area to start the “treasure hunt” . No roads were listed on the map I zoomed in on. Do you have any suggestions on how I go about visiting the “Round Rie”, Lynghojsoerne, Rosklide ?
Thanks for taking time to help me. I truly appreciate it and am so excited to go on this adventure. I also see that the artist has installations in the USA too! One is not far from my home in Florida! We are going to attempt to preview one here in USA before our trip to Denmark.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Maryanne Dunleavy

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1) My link above can be misleading. It was only meant as way to indicate how widespread the giants are, not as a way to find them. Below is a list of links to the best parking place for visiting each giant:

Teddy Friendly: 55.66073663925056, 12.27164220545162

Sleeping Louis: 55.67469284932211, 12.432553479400612

Hill top Trine: 55.633252917752074, 12.445411984892532

Little Tilde and Thomas on the Mountain: 55.642505722334754, 12.354118530335139 There is quite a good restaurant ( between the parking place and Little Tilde. Worth a stop after visiting the two giants.

Oscar under the Bridge: 55.60483376687669, 12.385801825800762

Sanka the Comforter Troll: 55.653623985439175, 12.597756208625354

Bjarke Circle Stone: 55.56799526681062, 12.603616927910762

Lange Liv (Long Liv): I haven't been there yet, but I think you can park on Stamholmen (55.612648459856935, 12.495727924744854) and follow the foot path half way over the bridge to find it.

2) I haven't visited the Troll in Roskilde myself. But from Google Maps I think you can park just by the Cafe Runde Rie (55.628671678075825, 12.028956608472607) and walk around the lake to find it. Note: Search for "Runde Rie" to find it.