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Bike helmets in Copenhagen

We’re headed to Copenhagen on Sunday. We plan to rent bicycles. I never bike without a helmet. Yet I hate to have to pack one. Are helmets available for rent in Copenhagen?

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Copenhagen is on my to-visit list, so I can't speak from personal knowledge, but looking at Google Street View, hardly any of the cyclists depicted in the central city were wearing helmets, which is also the case in many other European cities.

That doesn't mean you can't rent one, just that they may be less readily available than one might guess.

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Bike helmets are not routinely used in the Scandinavian countries. When we have rented bikes I did not see helmets available. If you absolutely have to have a helmet, then bring it. I can remember being on the canal paths and not seeing a single helmet anywhere.

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Yes helmets can be rented in Copenhagen. I did a quick google search on some of the bike rental places in Copenhagen and most seemed to have helmets for rent as well.