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Best way to get from Copenhagen to Stockholm??

Looking at Rick Steves' book it looks like a 6 hour high speed train trip from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Is flying simpler and more efficient?? Money is NOT an issue just convenience and time!


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Flying will be quicker. Just depends on your preference. Never taken this train route, but it may be scenic, plus you can move about on the train. I simply don't enjoy airport herding anymore. I prefer trains whenever possible.

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A variation of this (very good) question pops up on this forum occasionally. Travel tme is frequently the focus. Air travel requires arriving at an airport - frequently not near city center - two to three hours prior to takeoff. Upon arrival at the destination city, luggage is to be collected and transportation arranged.
Train stations are frequently in city center (true in both of the locations in question) and train passengers can arrive at the station much closer to time of departure. If this sounds like an endorsement for taking the train, we're talking.

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The train takes 5 hours, if the book says 6 hours you have a really old book.

Flying will be a bit faster, but you will struggle to save more than 15-20 minutes city centre to centre. Train is by far the most convenient and simplest option. Just board the train, take your seat and relax, no check in, security checks etc, and you arrive and depart in the city centre.

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If you can get on the direct X2000, the trip is just over 5 hours. This would be simpler and more efficient and take you city center to city center.

Flying might save a little time, but only if everything goes smoothly. You need to travel to the Copenhagen airport, sit around the airport for 2 hours waiting for your flight, fly, travel from Arlanda to Stockholm, etc. By the time you add all of this up, you can expect flying to take a minimum of 4 hours (if you are lucky) and potentially longer if your flight is delayed or you are checking luggage.

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Yes, in this instance I would much prefer just to go to the train station, board, and arrive in the other city center in five hours.

Much better for the environment, too.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I probably will try a more direct train connection. What is the fastest route from Stockholm to Copenhagen by train from the center of each city?? Can someone recommend best Stockholm train routes/times in 2023??


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I'm not sure I understand your last question, but as mentioned the direct trains from Copenhagen to Stockholm take 5 hours. Buy your tickets in advance at

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We took the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen and it was nice. If you fly, it is a short flight, but you will waste time at the airport going through the checkin and security stuff.

Also, on the train, you have spacious seats and get to see some scenic places.

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Can someone recommend best Stockholm train routes/times in 2023??

Particularly on that route, a train's a train; it's served almost exclusively by the high-speed SJ X2000. The best time is the one that fits into your schedule at both ends. :) If you want the maximum convenience and comfort, look for a direct ticket with no train changes. (A handful of departures will have a switch to or from a regional train along the way.)

Since money's not an issue, you may want to consider the first class upgrade. While second class is very nice and pretty spacious these days — especially on the X2000 — first class comes with even more space to relax (nice on the longer journey) and better views, along with self-service beverages, fresh fruit, and snacks.

Recently traveled to Sweden and Copenhagen myself and like the others said, I booked my tickets with SJ ( or the SJ app which I heartily recommend). There's a high-speed train between Malmö and Stockholm and it was perfectly comfortable in second class. The only thing I'd maybe be mindful of is that this is a special type of train in which some people (like I) get carsick pretty easily (I never ever get carsick l, especially not in trains). It's pretty fast though, pretty much on par with if not faster than flying if you count getting to and from the airport and check-in times.

Prices can be a little high though. I had an interrail pass so it didn't matter for me but if you book from a few days in advance or later you could pay up to 700SEK, which is totally put of whack. If you book a last-minute ticket, which are available from about 48 hours in advance, you can get the same trip for a third of that. I think a regular ticket costs about 300-500SEK, if you book more than a week or two in advance. I don't think they offer tickets for April yet, I could book up to about two months in advance.

Also, I thought I'd let you know there is a sleeper train that runs between Stockholm and Malmö every day, and a sleeper that runs between Stockholm and Berlin that stops in Copenhagen every few days too. Might be interesting to see if you want a spot there (but obviously you can't see much of the country that way, while the scenery on this route is quite pretty).