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Best way to get from Copenhagen to munich

My family of 4 is visiting copenhagen and would like to spend 4 days in Munich. What is the best way of getting there and the cheapest? Car, Train or Flight

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"What is the best way of getting there and the cheapest?" Probably flying. It's a very long drive, probably around two days. And you would incur a substantial fee for renting a car in one country and dropping off in another. Not to mention the fuel and lodging costs. The rail journey time varies from 10 to 12 hours. That's a long time to sit on a train.

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To learn about driving routes and estimated costs, use When getting a car rental quote, remember that you need to get a car large enough to hold not only 4 people, but also their luggage, out of sight in the trunk; this will be larger and more expensive than you might think. And as Tom said, make SURE you get all the fees for picking up in one country and dropping off in another. On this board, I've seen fees ranging from €100 to €600. With 4 people, this may still work for you, particularly if you want to take several days and make stops along the way.

To learn about train routes, use the Bahn (German Rail) site following Rick's tutorial: Again, the site allows you to put in stopovers, if you wish. And for more train information, a great source is The Man In Seat 61; here's his page on traveling from Copenhagen to other European cities:

To find flights, use Skyscanner: Be careful: some budget airlines use the "real" Munich airport (code MUC), and others use Memmingen (code FMM), which is much further away from the city center. When comparing costs across airlines, don't forget to do a "dummy" booking (up to the point you have to enter your credit card) to see what all the fees will be. Sometimes the budget carriers are more expensive than the "legacy" carriers like Lufthansa or SAS once you add in fees.

I've given you the tools to get more information; only you can say which is "best" and "cheapest" for your situation.

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For us, the train would have been less expensive than our flights on Air Berlin. But we couldn't justify the 11 hour train ride with our tight schedule.