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Best way to get from Copenhagen airport to the pier with luggage

We have 2 couples going. Each person has a checked and carryon. Any advise without doing a taxi which is expensive.

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Just take the taxi since two couples can share the expense. There are other ways to get to the ship, but it might require transferring on a bus and hauling heavy luggage--just not worth the effort.
I've taken the bus to the port to catch a cruise before and speak from experience.

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I'm assuming we're talking about Oceankaj/Ocean Quay?

A regular taxi will set you back around 350-450 DKK depending on the time of day, day of the week and traffic - but traffic is usually not a concern outside rush hours. The drive time is about 25-30 minutes.

Your other option is public transportation. You will have to change to a bus at either Nørreport (reached by metro or train) or Østerport (reached by train). This will take about 40-50 minutes and cost 36 DKK (3 zones) per person. You can find timetables on

I agree that taking a taxi is the most convenient way of getting there, but the public transportation system is still quite efficient and much cheaper.

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Never heard of them.
Private transfer services tend to be eyewatering expensive in Denmark. This one doesn't seem to be that expensive, but their cheapest "from" price is still the same or more than you'd pay for a taxi.

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We have been to Copenhagen three times and found that taxis are expensive. On one cruise a few years ago, we had a Back to Back day (between cruises) and decided to take the local bus that stops very close to the cruise port. We were told were we could pickup that bus upon returning to the port.

After enjoying Nyhaven again for an afternoon, we walked to the location where we were told to wait for the bus. Bus after bus came by, but not our bus. Finally, after 45 minutes, I stepped into a bus and asked the bus driver about the bus (with number that I cannot remember now). He said that bus would not come by there. We wound up taking the train to the station about two miles for the port. We walked to the cruise port facing a 40 MPH wind. At the end of our walk, we felt like we had climbed a mountain.

There are buses and I am sure you could use them, others that took our recent cruise did, having to schlepp their luggage changing from the train to the bus, etc.

We way we got to the cruise port the last two times we took a cruise was via our hotel. They had buses to the cruise port that were cheaper that what we were told would cost for a taxi. We were told that a taxi from the Crowne Plaza hotel could cost from $60 to $80.

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That sounds like a very unfortunate experience.

If anyone else is reading this and wondering how to find the bus to Oceankaj, you can find a map showing where the buses stop at Østerport here:

Bus 27 towards Oceankaj stops at Folke Bernadottes Allé, right by the stairs to the walkway across the train tracks. Bus 25 stops at the same stop as bus 26 towards Søndre Frihavn on Folke Bernadottes Allé near the intersection with Grønningen and Oslo Plads. Note that this information is true at the time of posting and things like this may change over time - so don't forget to read the signs and check for updated timetables :-)

Hi suzsold,

I am actually asking myself the same question. We will be starting and ending our cruise in Copenhagen.
Are you going straight to the airport or will you have time for some sightseeing? Our flight is late in the evening and we have to disembark the ship early. Feels like a waste to spend all that time on a probably "boring" airport?

Hello everybody,

So just to give an update. I found the perfect solution thanks to Katharina from Anastasia tours. They are helping me with tours in St. Petersburg. And because we had time to spare in Copenhagen before our flight, I just asked if she had any idea what we could do… and she did. So a little private tour is in the making. So much better than waiting in the airport! The details are still no completely definite but if anybody is interested in what we are going to do, just let me know.