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Areas to visit\stay for a few days outside Copenhagen?

Hello there, our family (2 teenagers) are traveling to Denmark at the end of July for 9 days. I have been researching here\elsewhere places that we could visit. Currently, the plan was to stay in Copenhagen for the first 5 days or so, taking a couple of days to explore Copenhagen and then doing day trips to Helsingor, Roskilde, and Hillerod.

After that, I am looking for some recommendations on where else to go outside of Copenhagen, where we could stay for 2-3 nights as a hub\explore around?

We were fortunate to be given some pretty thorough recommendations on a few areas, but I am a little lost\unsure of what would make the most sense.

Ribe\Tonder Loop\Esbjerg Loop - Fano\Romo Islands - We were given some pretty thorough information about this area
Bornholm\Ronne\Lund Cathedral - Thorough information here as well, but was told it might be too far (same with Aero)

I was also interested in Aarhus but know little about the surrounding areas? Same with Odense?
Is there anywhere else that might make more sense?

Our plan was to travel by train\ferry where possible, although we could rent a car to travel to\from Ribe or Aarhus if it made more sense (wasn't sure here).

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Last time we were in Copenhagen we had a few extra days after our Baltic cruise.

We flew over to Oslo on a budget flight and spent the afternoon. Next morning, we took an excursion over to Flam where we went down into the fjords on another train. And we rode a hydrofoil through the fjords ending in Bergen, Norway. It was a great day with beautiful scenery.

And we loved the town of Bergen. Prettiest people in the world. Flew back to Oslo and then on back to the States.

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Gothenburg is under 4 hours on a direct fast train through beautiful countryside.
Gothenburg is a fantastic place, with ferries to the archipelago, a wonderful tram service in a scenic city.
I usually go to Gothenburg for a week after a week in Copenhagen for the jazz festival with 100's of concerts,indoor and outdoor all day and into the evening.

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Short answer: Both options look good and you will probably be happy with either. In short it depends on what you are looking for. There are of course many other options as well, like Gothenburg which is a great place to spend 2-3 nights.

If you go for the Lund/Bornholm option you should add some time in Ystad as well. The town centre is charming and if you have time you can visit Ale stenar just outside Ystad.

And no, renting a car is not needed for any of the options.

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Thank you for the advice and recommendations. Took a family vote and looks like we are going to go to Gothenburg!

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Great idea in my opinion!

Regarding your trip from Copenhagen to Gothenburg you have two options. Regional train or fast train.

The regional trains, Öresundståg, stops more frequently so the trip will take a bit longer, and they are a bit more basic. On the other hand, they are more frequent and have a fixed price no matter when you buy the tickets.

The faster trains, SJ Snabbtåg, only make a few stops so the trip is a bit faster. The interior is a bit nicer, and the trains have a small bistro. The price is flexible on the other hand, if you buy the tickets in advance they will be cheaper than the regional trains, but if you wait they can be very expensive.