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Aero Island


I have read that Aero is quiet in the off season. We are planning a trip to Aero Insland arriving on 9/13 and leaving on 9/15. Will there be restaurants and other businesses open at that time of year? Rick says that the off season Sept - May is quite dead, but he does have a tour that is in Aero the first week of September. Anyone with first hand experience visiting there in mid-September?

Thank you!

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I think there's a general tendency for "off-seasons" to shrink as the years go on and the book will be two years old by the time of your trip. Some of the listings in Rick's book (e.g. museums) already list specific hours for September, so I'm counting them as "open." There definitely is food and lodging open, including the campground through mid-October. If anything's of particular interest that just uses the ambiguous term "off-season," it's worth checking their web sites for something more specific. Also look carefully at day-of-week based closures, some of which are on Sundays and Mondays.