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A Visit to Aero?

My husband and I will be in Copenhagen for 4 days in June. Will we regret taking 2 days and 1 night to visit the island of Aero? We will rely on train and ferry to get there and back. We love to bicycle and it looks like a beautiful way to enjoy the island. I'm just wondering if it is enough time to enjoy Aero and enough left for Copenhagen? Your thoughts?

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Nope. You would neglect Copenhagen horribly.

It's the kind of place for a change of pace if you're doing something else and have already seen Copenhagen. Or the exact opposite, were taking only an island or bike themed trip.

Join the crowd and bike Copenhagen.

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Yup - Ed is right. Aero is lovely - just delightful - but with only 4 days, you won't have enough time to explore Copenhagen, which is a really terrific city with lots to see and do! And bikes, just like on Aero!

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I did a trip in May 2012 that included 3 nights in Copenhagen and one in Aeroskobing before moving on to other locales. I don't regret going to Aero so much as I regret not having more time in Copenhagen. Aero was lovely and I enjoyed it, but it was a long way to go, and I think of how much more time I would have had to see more and immerse myself into the wonderful culture of Copenhagen. I think in retrospect I would have skipped Aero, but it's a close call.

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Thank you. Your suggestions have been most helpful. We have decided to skip Aero and spend our time in an nearer Copenhagen.