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A Denmark-Sweden Itinerary


I am trying to split 14 days between Denmark & Sweden. After some research I am wondering if it is a better idea to concentrate on Denmark, and for Sweden, allocate all the time to Stockholm. Reason for that is, Denmark seems to be lot more compact than Sweden. Instead of spreading myself thin sampling some towns in Denmark & Sweden each, would I be missing out much if I gave up visits to the smaller towns in Sweden & distributed that time between Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aero? Perhaps, 2 days in Aero, 1 in Odense, 2 in Aarhus, 4 in Copenhagen, 5 in Stockholm (with perhaps a day trip to Uppsala)? Is there a distinctive Swedish town/experience that I would be missing out here?

I did look into spending 2-3 days in Visby. But am giving up on the idea because perhaps there is an overlap between Visby & Aero; Visby is somewhat time-consuming to get to; also, the island of Gotland doesn't seem easy to traverse using just the public transportation which I would be reliant on.

What do you think? Any insight would be highly appreciated!


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Most of our time has been spent in Sweden. We have been to Denmark twice but the focus was Copenhagen and areas around there. Sweden has many wonderful small towns to see (Stockholm is wonderful but the small towns are great too). Orland Island is worthwhile. We stayed in Kalmar but then drove to Orland - lots to see there of interest, but we had a car. I'm not sure what the transportation is like on the island without a car.

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I would be happy with your plan to focus on Denmark and only one or two stops in Sweden. That's closer to the way I divided my time there, mostly because so many points of interest are so close together in Denmark. You always must be selective, and choosing any one stop means missing something else. On my driving route, I did enjoy stops in Kalmar, Vaxjo, and Soderkoping in Sweden, but I don't consider them must-sees for you.