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5 days in Denmark

Hi all,

I'm flying into Copenhagen in June for my first Europe trip. My friends won't arrive for another 4 days, so I'll be alone. Does anyone have any suggestions for spending 4-5 days in the area. I'm open to anything but the following seem the most appealing:

1) Heading over to Sweden and exploring Skane or taking a train up to Stockholm and seeing/camping the archipelago
2) Heading further east into Denmark and seeing the natural sights (maybe do some camping)
3) Also open to any other Nordic excursion

Has anyone had any experiences close to these or has any further suggestions? My only requirement is that I would prefer to spend most of the time in nature.

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Will you be spending more time in Copenhagen after your friends arrive?

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Yes we will. We should be spending about 3 days there before heading south. Thanks for the reply!

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With nice forecasted weather I woud explore the North Sea shore south of Hirtshals - very beautiful dune and wood nature. Also Skagen is a nice nature area (transition between North and Baltic Sea). Long drive but worth it with 4-5 days. Really slows one down.

Closer are the white cliffs of Møns Klint (south of Copenhagen).

Also part north of Copenhagen is very nice and interesting, e.g. exploring Helsingør with Kronborg and on the other side Helsingborg (Sweden).

Little more effort: overnight ferry to Oslo, rent a car and explore a scenic route between Skien and Rjukan with very different nature compared to Denmark.

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Great, so I assume you will have additional time to see the main sights when your friends join you.
One more question, will you be relying on public transport or are you open to rent a car?
You can get put to most nature sights with public transport, look at for all Danish public transport. but a car will make it easier.
Markks suggestions for natural sights in Denmark are pretty good, Møns Klint and the north West coast are probably the most outstanding natural sights in Denmark. But of course it depends on what you are into? Wide sandy beaches and windswept dunes? 150 meter high white chalk cliffs?

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I love both ... meet me there or there :-)

In the 90s we had a photo shooting for catalogues of new Dehler yachts 36, 39 and 43 infront of Møns Klint. Wonderful light atmosphere on a sunny morning.

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It is a five hour train ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm, so I don't recommend that option.

We have been to Copenhagen twice and the last time spent five days there.

Taking a city tour, or walking tour (a fair amount of walking);
A canal cruise, don't take the first boat at Nyhaven, the second is less expensive;
There are some castles to visit, as well as the Royal Palace;
The Little Mermaid (if you have time-it is a bit out of the way);
We had a great full day tour that took us to the Viking Museum, then to a couple of historic castles and church.
Some might like Tivioli, we didn't go there;