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24 hr layover in Copenhagen in February 2024 winter

I will be traveling from Tromso, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark via SAS going back to Los Angeles. On my flight back I have a 24 hour layover in Copenhagen . Is it worth leaving the airport to see a little bit of the area during the winter months? Is there plenty of things to see in Copenhagen during winter season in February? How long should I give myself to get back to the airport and through to my gate the next morning? Thank you for your info.

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Yes, that sounds more fun than spending 24 hours at an airport. And there are certainly things to see and do. What time does your flight leave? If it's early it might be a good idea to sleep at an airport hotel. But it takes 15-20 minutes between the city centre and the airport by train or metro.

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Check with your airline, but all that I am aware of say arrive 2 - 3 hours before. You may need to use a kiosk to get a boarding pass for a US bound flight, at least with SAS.

Once inside, if you happen to have SAS Fast Pass, I can tell you that it took us less than 15 minutes from the front door through kiosk check-in, through security to SAS lounge on a very busy July day last month. Without Fast Pass, which we did from CPH for a European flight, the security lines were slightly longer, but still very efficient. Nothing like the non-pre-check lines can be in the US.

As noted, very quick from Central train station to airport with many metro or train options.

Depending on the exact time of your arrival and departures, I would stay in central Copenhagen.

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rgayala27 - You can go to the neighborhood of Indre By which is in the absolute city centre of Copenhagen. From Copenhagen airport, it's less than a 30 minutes train ride. In that area, you will have options to visit and tour Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, National Museum of Denmark, the War Museum, Frederick's Cathedral, and many more attractions. Here is a link to inform you more.

There are Luggage lockers at Copenhagen airport in case you want to store your belongings before departing to explore the city centre.