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24 Hour Tickets for Hop On Hop Off in Copenhagen?

Has any found a reputable HoHo in Copenhagen that sells tickets for a 24 hour period?

My research has only turned up 48 hour tours.

We have one day available before our cruise, and one day after we disembark before flying home.

I asked Red Bus Sightseeing if one can split the 48 hour tour into two separate days; no go.

Are there other ways to get tours of the highlights of the town in a 24 hour period?


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Appreciate the tip.

I've looked into the Copenhagen Card and compared the price of their 24 hour ticket (788.194 DKK) vs. the entry prices to the 5 attractions we want to see (1,167.42 DKK).

Amounts to a savings of 379.225 DKK or about $60.

Although we save money on getting these free admissions, I'm thinking the time it would take getting from place to place could drastically reduce the time we have to visit the sites.

Anyone had experience with using the Copenhagen Card for a 24 hour period?


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In a compact city center like Copenhagen, HOHO buses aren't very practical. Walking and taking the occasional taxi or city bus is a better strategy.

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First if all which sites do you want to see?
Secondly do you want to do the HOHO Tour because you enjoy those kind of tours or is it purely for transportation?

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Depending on what you want to see and how long you want to stay there, you may be able to visit them all in one day. Copenhagen is a very walkable city and has great public transportation. I walked everywhere besides getting from the airport to my hotel and getting to and from Carlsberg Brewery.

Enjoy Copenhagen!

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First response to jennakalkwarf: I was planning on doing a lot of walking, but to make a long story short, I've recently experience health issues that preclude extensive walking. Just walking inside the attractions will be enough.

Second response to Morten: I've ended up booking HOHO Tours in Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm and am now focusing on Copenhagen. I've chosen this approach to enable us to maximize the short time we have in these ports during our cruise (six hours on average).

The HOHO's allow us to first get an overview of the city by taking the whole route, then hopping off at the sites we're interested in. For Copenhagen it's: Glyptotek, Tivoli, Round Tour, SMK National Gallery of DK and Carlsberg Brewery. If time allows, we'd also like to catch the City Tower and the Lejre Land of Legends.

So its a form of transportation to see the town in general, and a way to get the spots we'd like to see.

As I mentioned at the top, we have a full day before and after the cruise. Unfortunately, unlike the other three cities, HOHO in Copenhagen only have 48 hour passes. So we're trying to find a way to get to these sites (over 2 separate days) one day at a time. We're planning on doing it geographically by starting near our hotel near the cruise terminals, the ending at the Central Train Station where our last hotel is located.

That's our thinking and why I'm looking at the Copenhagen Card since they have a calculator on their website that shows how much you save at the attractions provided free with purchase of the card.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Morten, especially since you seem to be based in Copenhagen!

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If you enjoy HOHO tours then go for it, as long as you don't do it just for the transportation, since there are cheaper and better ways to get around. Just note that the HOHO buses don't really venture in to the city centre, where most of the streets are to narrow and pedestrianized. The buses don't go by The Round Tower for example.
For your list of sights I worry if you can manage them all in one day on the Copenhagen Card. Especially Glyptoteket, SMK and Tivoli can take up a lot of time. Carlsberg is a bit out of the way and by City Tower I'm guessing it's the city hall you mean? Lejre is not even near Copenhagen, it's near Roskilde, so I would not even consider that with your time frame.

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Thanks for your great insights, Morten.

We actually have two days to tour Copenhagen; the day before our cruise departs, and the day after it returns.

Our first day, (just before cruise) our hotel is near the cruise terminals, so we're planning on doing sites in that relative geographic area. Or maybe we'll splurge and go the Carlsberg Brewery since that's high on my list and will allow us to see other parts of Copenhagen on the way. Maybe we can catch City Hall where I understand there is a marvelous view of the city. We were going to do the Round Tower just for the view.

On our second full day in Copenhagen, (after the cruise) we're staying near the main train station. So we're going to plan on visiting Glyptoteket, SMK and Tivoli.

So, the Copenhagen Card still pencils out for us cost-wise, especially since there are NO HOHO's that have 24 hour-only passes.

Your tips have really helped. If you think of anything else, please send us a reply. Rick's Travel Forum is extremely helpful!