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Day Tours in Europe

Discuss hired guides, excursions, and day tours you've experienced

There are hundreds of European day tours available by bus and on foot. Many of these are small independent operators offering a great value. But quality varies, all are an important commitment of time, and you want to choose wisely. Which ones are the best value and why?

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Recommendation for D Day Tour
4langers 0
Battle of Normandy D-Day Tour
abaxter 3
Tour of Ancient Rome
adlerhartz 0
Secret Cottage Tours, Cotswolds, England
alisono 4
Limited mobility traveler in Paris and London
Amy 6
Venicescapes tour
andersonbuilds 0
Premium Tours UK
angie_davis 0
Rome Day Tours
annettey 0
Which would be the best country to visit in Europe during November?
anuragazad0204 8
3nights in munich
anushua1967 8
Angel Tours in Rome - Maximize Your Experience in Rome
anwatt 2
Jewish Rome Walking Tour
apackermom 0
day guide for tangiers
armschicchi 0
Angel Tours
artbrew27 0
Excellent Guided Tours in Rome
artmoderne 1
Hadrian's Wall
asheadley 3
Barcelona: Spanish Civil War tour by Nick Lloyd
avirosemail 2
Normandy WWII Tour
Babs Sutherland 0
Normandy Beach Tour with Ed Robinson
ballyk 1
Looking for day tour out of Portrush
bange 1
Scotland Rabbie's tours Report/Advice
Barb 0
Viator Tours
Barbara 15
Wonderful Provence tour via Association Imagine Tours
barbtulli 0
Basque Country guide
barebro 3
Home Base Normandy Beach Tours
Becky 8
Locarno, Switzerland Sights & Activities
becmcentire 2
Day tours of Normandy
belcher_jim 4
Tour guide: Amsterdam and environs
bgallow3 3
Stonehenge Bus Tour from London
Bill 23
Options for Global Greeters - neighborhood walking tours
billandsuz1 1
Lost the website that RS set up for joining a group tour
billbarbmoor 4
Connemara pub crawl tour from Galway Ireland
billparsley 1
Italy excursions june
bill.stone 3
In Siena (or Tuscany in general), book a tour with Roberto!
bill_walker 0
Florence: 500 Touring Club
bill_walker 0
Vatican Tour
bilmig1209 1
D-Day with Victory Tours
bittypeep 4
day tour of Normandy from Cherbourg, France
Bob 2
The Roman Guy Vatican Tour - Early Entrance---Highly Recommend
bryold10000 0
Colosseum Tour with the Roman Guy is Unbelievable-Highly Recommend
bryold10000 1
Day trip from Palermo to Trapani
bszlandis63 3
italy day trip to Carrara and mine
bvsstanderm 1
Fantastic tour in Milan 5
what is a good day trip from london to Stonehenge etc? Oct 10th or so for 2 people...
cheri 3
Prague Day Tours
Chris 1
Guided Day Tour vs Do-It-Yourself
christa 6
Passes for getting into Rome sights
Christie 1
Day tours in Tuscany
christina_mcb... 0
Favorite day trips from Venice
Christy 1
Rome guided tours
Chuck H 6