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Travelling Alone


I want to explore options of traveling alone, primarily around Europe this summer, I am in mid 30's and have not done much of traveling alone or backpacking but am open to try them. I will prefer to meet new people, does anyone have any recommendations of how best to approach it.

I will prefer to go in a group with people who are in similar situation but not able to find contacts/websites where I can register similar interest, any pointers ?

many thanks

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Try posting under the Travel Partners section. Unless people are looking at All Topics you probably won't have many people see your post where you put it.

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If you do end up traveling on your own, a great way of meeting people is taking guided day walks or tours, or a half-day or full day activity. For instance, a London Walks, or a cooking class.

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Travelpot, I have just the thing for you. The Top Deck Company specializes in trips for people in their 20's and 30's world wide who would like to keep to a budget but be comfortable. Many of the people in the groups are single and no group has more than 48 in it, usually smaller. They have some camping trips that involve them putting you up in comfy two person dome tents on air mattresses at European campgrounds while your group tours Europe. You will get to know lots of new people in their 20's and 30's, see Europe, and stay safe in the campgrounds at night in deluxe tents. They have a Top Deck chef on each trip who prepares your meals. Here is their site:

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In addition to what others have said have u seen ricks son wkend grp travel website, WSA.

They go on guided long wkend trips to many places in Europe as a student travel grp and stay in hostels.
This might be nice as u would have a planned tour on pre planned wkends and u meet up at the grp at that location then meet new people at hostels.

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thanks all for your inputs.

was away for work so couldn't respond will explore some of these options and see how i get on.

many thanks

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As far as meeting new people, when I went to Eastern Europe in August 2013 I was a solo traveler. As another person mentioned, sign up for tour groups. Some of the tour groups I was on were large and people seemed to stick with those they already knew in the group; but, look around in the group there is bound to be somebody else that is solo also. I found the tourist from countries other than the US are more reserve so you may have to take the initiative to start a conversation. On one tour I was on in Budapest there was a young lady from Vietnam touring by herself; soon after we started the tour I asked where she was from; after that we were together for the rest of the day. Also, when using public transportation such as bus and trams speak to the person sitting close to you and likewise if you are traveling by train. Enjoy!