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Tours from Sorrento - what to skip and what not to miss?

We will be in Sorrento for 3 days and was thinking about taking the following tours: Amalfi Coast (1 day), Pompei/Mt Vesuvius (1 day) and Capri (1/2 day). But, is there a lot to see in Sorrento itself? Is there much to see and do on Capri or is it mainly the boat tour around the island that's worth doing? Thinking of perhaps not doing an Amalfi Coast tour, but do the other 2 and spend time in Sorrento relaxing.. beach, pool, etc. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Pompeii/Mt Vesuvius: I'd skip Vesuvius, spend 1/2 day at Pompeii and the balance of the day in Sorrento. You can see the cone very well from the scavi, and you might not enjoy the 1/2 mile hike to the top unless you like that sort of thing. I'm a hiker so it wouldn't have bothered me but I understand that some others have had a bit of a time. If you do it, wear good, sturdy shoes.

Capri: we stayed 2 nights on the island and didn't run out of things to do: hoofed it up to Villa Jovis, to Natural Arch, along the Pizzalungo and some other scenic spots, took the chairlift up Mt Solaro, explored Anacapri, the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, etc. Didn't feel the need for a boat tour. In hindsight, choosing to stay overnight was a good choice as it quiets down a bit at night when all the day-trippers leave. Whether it's a good day trip choice for you depends on how interested you are in what it has to offer?

Sorrento is fun to stroll around at night when the main street is closed to traffic!

We didn't take tours of any of the above or the Amalfi Coast: got around by train or ferry

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I know a lot of people who hire a driver for the Amalfi Coast - and it might be fun for a short drive. We just take the bus - for example, we stay in Positano or Sorrento and ride the bus to Amalfi, change to take the bus up to Ravello - just beautiful views - then take the bus down to Amalfi and ride the ferry back around to Sorrento or Positano - the coastline from the ferry is amazing.

Definitely, check out Maori or Praiano - great villages and less tourists….. Take the bus or book a driver to take you there.

I, too, love Capri, but we do all of the hikes and enjoy the scenic coastline. People always complain about the crowds, but I think you find the tourists in town. You don't need a tour - walk down to the ferry and go !

If you don't book anything before you go (except a few hours, maybe, with a driver), you can decide there if you feel like relaxing or if you are up for hiking or a bus or ferry ride.

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Today we actually just took the Mondo Tour boat trip to Capri as recommended in the Sorrento/ Capri platt of Rick Steves' Italy book.

It was so fun. There were just 10 of us on the boat and we just stretched out on the deck like we owned the boat. We were one of the first in the Blue Grotto(no waiting). Some other people we know went on a less expensive tour that Left our hotel at the same but was unable to get to the Grotto until the wait was an hour long by the time everyone was processed and on board.

Boating around the island is so fun, really it's like owning a yacht for a day. They stop at Capri for four hours but to make the most of your time , I recommend taking the taxi around because the bus lines are long. Look at the website for more info. It's under the head of Rick Steves combined tours or something like that.

Enjoy the Amalfi coast.