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Tour to Kroller Muller from Amsterdam

I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any bus tours that make the trip to the Kroller Muller museum from Amsterdam. It's seems to be a lengthy trip to get there by train/bus combo so I'm wondering if there are any buses or vans that take visitors to and from the Kroller Muller from Amsterdam. I haven't seen anything, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone knows of something like this.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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The regular train and bus is still the best option. It is not difficult at all, just take a little pre-planning.

Posted by sskfh31
Midwest USA
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We did it ourselves from Amsterdam Centraal Station to the Kroller Muller Museum last month during our extra day after our RS tour to Holland and Belgium. It was not too bad, but we only planned this one event for the whole day. Give yourself time to catch the train , the bus and the shuttle.

We followed instructions someone posted online and we did not get lost. Once you exit the train station at Otterlo, you see a circular driveway not far from the train station where there are buses. Actually it probably is the end stop for these buses..make sure you get on the correct bus by asking the driver if it goes to the Kroller Muller Museum. Most of the passengers were foreign, so you could tell you were going to the correct place. The bus driver(s) also know where you want to go and will tell you where he will stop ( at the entrance to the park) and where to get your tickets for the shuttle bus etc.
make sure you ask the drivers the time the return buses will arrive at the bus stops for your trip back. I think there is only one every hour, but ask in case it is different during the month you are going. We were lucky in that the bus company was giving a discount sale for the month of April: buy one fare and the second person rides free, which is 50% off if there are two people.

You can plan how long to stay at the museum by knowing when the shuttle bus will arrive at the bus stop nearest to the museum.
It is not really hard, but you must allot enough time for the train and bus/ shuttle.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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At the bus stop near the museum there are printed schedules for the shuttle bus.

Furthermore, the park where the museum is located is quite pleasant and nice. With extra time, one could walk all the way from the museum to the Otterlo bus stop (although a lengthy visit to the sculpture garden will take quite a hike already).

Posted by tonfromleiden
the Netherlands
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Kröller-Müller has instructions on their website. They direct you to the public transport planner 9292. Fill out date and time, and »Amsterdam Centraal« and »Kroller Muller«, and you get a schedule with the exact timings.

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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If the shuttle isn't there, remember that a feature of the park is the free White Bicycles. Very level, paved paths. No paperwork involved.