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The Roman Guy Vatican Tour - Early Entrance---Highly Recommend

We used the Roman Guy for two tours, the Vatican and the Colosseum. On the Vatican tour, we chose the Vatican Privileged Entrance Tour that got us into the Vatican early. I highly recommend this..discussed later. Our tour guide, Elaine, was wonderful! She was funny, knoweldgable, and very friendly. So for the tour, Roman Guy has a great headphone system so you are not trying to squeeze around your guide. Next, we went directly to the Sistene Chapel as soon as we got in. It was an unbelievable sensation standing in the middle of this wonderous church....chills ran through my body. At this early time in the Sistene Chapel, we had plenty of room to move around and look at all the fantastic art - Michaelangelo's ceiling, of course, and so much more. When we came back to the Sistene about 2.5 hours later, it was packed shoulder to shoulder and you could barely move. The fact that we could move around with the early entrance was worht the cost of the tour alone!

After the Sistene Chapel, we went through the Vatican Museum.....WOW is all I can say. The frescos, the art, the tapestries, maps that showed what the world was thought to look like in the early 1500s, Etruscan treasures,and so much more that was breathtaking and unbelievable. You can see all of this in books or on the intranet, but nothing but in person can do this justice.

Unfortunately, we were there the day after Mother Teresa as canonized and the Basilica was still closed. I will be back and will go to the Basilica.

Since the Basiclica was closed, Elaine (tour guide) took us into the Carriage Museum. This was a pleasant surprise and showed us many of the carriages and cars that the Popes have used.

Overall, a wonderful tour and an unbelievably fantastic tour guide.

Highly recommend the Roman Guy.

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