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The Berlin Expert - Tour Guides

My husband and I visited Berlin for the first time at the beginning of May 2017. We contracted with Jeremy, The Berlin Expert, for a walking tour our first day in the city. This was the best tour I ever took.
I emailed the website about a month before our trip to get on his schedule. Jeremy is quick to respond and spells out exactly what is or isn't included in the tour so there are no surprises. We requested the WWII historical tour and boy did Jeremy deliver! He is vastly knowledgeable about the history of Berlin as well as current news and gossip. He gave us pointers for using public transit and good eats as well. Jeremy also pointed out the locations of museums and other sites we intended to visit later in our trip. I would highly recommend The Berlin Expert to anyone visiting.
Thanks Jeremy!

Posted by rankster
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Thanks for this! A friend and I will be in Berlin for 4 days in early September. A few hours with Jeremy might be a great way to introduce ourselves to Germany!

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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I am interested to know what he did not include in his WW2 tour? The British RAF cemetery, Invalidenfriedhof, the Resistance Museum, Berlin-Karlshorst, the Soviet Military Memorial in Pankow or that in Treptow, Flak towers, the horrific Gedenkstätte Plötzensee, the site of HO of OKH at Wunsdorf

Posted by jkkrueger2 OP
Waukesha, WI
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Hi Fred.
This was more a walking tour in central Berlin. He showed us the Resistance Museum so we could tour it on our own later. But, the others you listed are in more outlying locations - so, no. Jeremy customizes his tours, too. He asks you before you book what kind of things you want to see or learn about. It's not just cookie cutter.
If I look at a map and had to guess, I would say we zig zagged within a 2 km radius of the Reichstag, swinging from Tiergarten to Alexanderplatz.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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@ jacqui....Thanks for the reply and information. True that one is limited by a walking tour. Sites pertaining to WW2 or WW1, for that matter, I mean military sites are spread out all over Berlin and the Greater Berlin area. I was lucky to be driven on one day of my stay in Berlin this time, drove out to Neuhardenberg and Seelow, both of which I had not seen in five years or more. The Memorial site/museum has been updated with audiophones, focusing on the start of the battle of Berlin, the most massive battle ever on German soil.

That is a ton of walking going from Tierpark to Alexanderplatz, at least 5 stations on the S-Bahn.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Another fan of Jeremy. His tours are absolute tops for those desiring a great, personalized tour in Berlin.