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Terrific Rome Tour with Sara Magister

Our group of four had only one day for Rome so arranging a guided tour with Sara Magister was the best thing we could have done! One of us had never been to Rome, and Sara made efficient use of our time in covering the highlights. She explained the history and mythology, making every site came alive for us. From the Forum, to the Jewish area, to Campo dei Fiori, to Pz. Navona, she led us thru shortcuts and let us absorb the atmosphere. She has been an official Vatican guide, so her tour thru the Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's was amazing. Sara's knowledge and experience made the best possible use of our limited time.

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We are going next Fall. We've been to Rome and seen the highlights, but our friends going with us have not. How can we contact Sara?

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She is listed as a recommended guide in Rick Steves' guide to Rome. Here's her email: [email protected] If you google Sara Magister, several sites mention her, including great reviews on Trip Advisor.

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We had a four-hour tour of the Vatican Museums with Sara Magister. What a pleasure! A wonderfully personable guide with a deep and abiding love and respect for the arts, Sara enriched our experience immeasurably. I cannot imagine simply roaming through the Vatican Museums without someone knowledgeable to guide you — not unless you are a resident of Rome who frequents the place like you would your own local museums. Sara will provide a master class that enables you to view and appreciate the best the Vatican Museums has to offer.