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Terezin Concentration Camp

Zuzana was an amazing guide. She had a great amount of interesting and historical information that she was able to give on each place we toured. I highly recommend her as a tour guide. She was very friendly and in addition, she was willing to give you time to reflect on what you had experienced and offer the chance to ask questions or just let you talk about your experience in a very comfortable manner. Thank you so much Zuzana. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable or kind tour guide.

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We've also visited Sachsenhausen, and were a little disappointed. It just isn't done as well as Dachau in spite of it being the original German concentration camp.

We still want to visit Auscwitz--the big'un.

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A concentration camp. “isn’t done well “? Well, when the Soviets “liberated” it, kept it OPEN, didn’t release the Jewish captives who continued to be tortured, and imprisoned Nazis. the Soviets didn’t shut it down but kept it operating AN ADDITIONAL 5 YEARS until 1950 when it ran out of money.

But hey, this hell for innocent Jewish people wasn’t done well for tourists expecting an attraction.

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I do not think for one moment that @David meant what @continental is implying in his very charged scolding.

What I am sure that David meant was that the interpretation was not done so well. Not that he expected some disneyfied visitor attraction. That, to me, is a terrible allegation to make against a fellow forum member.

I write this as someone who hasn't been to any of the former concentration camps. I, personally, can genuinely not decide whether it is going to make any difference to my understanding or my knowledge base of the utter horrors of the Holocaust to do so.
Whether visiting such sites really achieves a purpose.

But recognise that others feel differently, and strongly so. And I am aware of how very difficult people who I personally know, have found a visit to Auschwitz.

In fact I have very conflicting thoughts on how busy the better known camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau have become.