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Salisbury City Walking Tour

The city walking tour in Salisbury is excellent and at only £6 per person, a bargain for 90 minutes of expert guidance. The tour is limited in size so you won’t find the masses of some free tours as in Bath. History and culture are at the forefront as you walk around central Salisbury and the small group is allowed to go into some building interiors where one sees the transformation of a house and shop from the 15th century to a modern retail store or other business. It ends at the Cathedral, so if you plan accordingly, you are in the right place to tour that splendid site.

My only regret is that we took the tour on our last day of three in Salisbury as we had prioritized time at Stonehenge, Avebury, and Sarum. Might just have to go back as Salisbury is such a pleasing place.

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I'm glad you had a good time on it! I did it a number of years ago and actually had the guy who runs a Stonehenge tour company (Pat Shelley) fill in for the regular guide/s. Did they take you in to see the Doom painting in St Thomas' church? I would never have found that without the walk!

I love Salisbury - so much neat stuff there. Next time add in the Salisbury Museum as well. They sometimes have some wonderful special exhibitions there. There are a couple of museums on the Close that I've not made it to yet, but they are on the "list" for next time.

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Right, Pam, we would not have seen St. Thomas' Church without the tour! And she caused me to want to go to a few places in the Close, which we had not planned on. I would also like to tour Old Sarum with an archeologist. Such an interesting area!

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We’ve just returned from the area. I can recommend Newton Farmhouse B&B In nearby Whiteparish. It was our second stay and every bit as enjoyable. Comfortable, gracious hosts, lovely grounds and walking or quick drive to village and restaurants,etc. You do need a car.