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Russian Santas at Christmas markets

I am wondering if anyone has seen hand painted Russian Santas outside of Russia at any of the European Christmas markets. I missed my chance of buying one in Russia.

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I'm not sure what a russian santa is, but my first thought is to try the Baltic states. Tallinn has a nice Christmas market e.g.

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I actually was looking for those this past December and could not find them. We were in Munich and Salzburg.

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Welcome to the forum. You may get more responses to your question if you post it under General Europe.

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and if push comes to shove, you could try ebay.

I went to ebay and typed in Russian Santas and it brought up a lot of results, I mean a lot. And they were beautiful.

I realize it might be important to you to buy at the Christmas Markets but in case you can not find Russian Santas and they are important to you, there is ebay.

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We go to the Xmas Markets EVERY year. In Nuremberg and Strasbourg, they usually have an INTERNATIONAL section and Russia is usually there selling those Santas, the stackable dolls, and other Russian crafts, but-- because of the war, Russia has not been invited to the European Xmas Markets . . . .we even asked. We are going again in December, and I will look, but I imagine it will be the same. You can certainly GOOGLE them and buy them online. I even saw some on Amazon last year (haven't looked lately).

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I'm going to assume you haven't been to Europe since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine flags are on all government buildings and the chances of you finding anyone selling Russian items in a bigger Christmas Market in Germany/Austria/France is almost zero until an outcome happens. I'm actually really surprised people think that Markets will sell them and they definitely won't call them Russian Santas.

That said, eBay or Amazon is your best best.

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Last year we visited Strasbourg for the Christmas market as part of our Basel-Colmar-Strasbourg trip…see my long trip report on this forum. We purchased 2 Russian Santas from a booth near the cathedral. I just dug up the vendor’s flyer. Here is the info: Rue Pouchkine, Her name is Pascale Bastianelli and she listed her phone number as +33 (0)6 87 81 47 25. Good luck. Her booth was the only one I saw on our travels that featured the handmade, painted, wooden Santas.

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Thank you so much Helen turner! I appreciate this info as I will be headed to Strasbourg this December!