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Rome through Jewish eyes

MY husband and I wanted to visit the Vatican but were not interested in the routine tour. We hired Jewish Roma, an agency owned by Michaela Pavoncello to do a 3 hour walking tour of the Vatican. Marco, our tour guide was phenomenal. He showed us the overt and covert symbols of Judaism present through the entire Vatican paintings and sculptures. Being Jewish, we felt that having a Jewish guide was of utmost importance because as most of us know, Jesus was born and lived and died as a Jewish man. Marco imparted his knowledge of all things Roman but with a Jewish spin that opened our eyes to the incredible history of the paintings, sculpture and the grounds. And we were pleased that Marco took the time to give us the background to the creation of Christianity as it related to Judaism. We also went to view the carriages and cars that have transported the popes throughout many centuries. They were grand and golden and enrobed with sumptuous fabrics. A 5 plus tour. Thank you to Jewish Roma.
Randy and Debbie April 25, 2017

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It's no surprise that there are Jewish symbols at the Vatican. At one time Christianity was considered a Jewish sect. Judaism lies as the foundation of the Christian faith.
For Christians I suggest reading "Our Faher Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith" by Marvin Wilson. It's textbook style so a bit dry, but really points out the Judaism of Jesus.

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I'm not advertising. I picked this agency out from the internet. I live in Dallas and have no ties to anything. We simply learned so much from Marco. The Vatican is so overwhelming and it was a privilege to be guided through the complex without having to hear only about the Christian point of view.

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Pilgrim, I don't think it's advertising at all. Jewish Roma tours have been mentioned positively on this forum before. This post just sounds like a tour review like many others.

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drsshulkin, I was suspicious because it was your first post. The tour does sound interesting. Glad you were able to experience the vatican from different perspectives.

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I was raised Jewish. I am visiting Rome in July. I already found about about Michaela Pavoncelo's Jewish Roma tours. Perhaps I "should" have signed up for a Jewish Roma tour. So far I did not because I thought I would too feel silly having a private guide; I wanted to join a group tour so that I wouldn't have to talk much to my tour guide. Perhaps I am thinking irrationally. When I contacted Michaela, she didn't have a group tour I could join on one of the dates I am available. So I signed up for a 2-hour guided tour of the vatican, sponsored by the vatican, which costs €32. On a Friday evening (you know what holiday is from Friday just before sunset to Saturday night after sunset), I signed up for a walking tour of the Jewish ghetto area; of course it is not a Jewish tour; I am reformed or secular now, I don't observe shabbos now and I have gained the ability to enter churches; churches are not spiratually meaningful to me, and neither are synagogues, but my heritage is all Jewish and not Christian.