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Rome private tour guides

Just wanted to share that I followed up on previous contributors recommendations regarding private tour guides and had an outstanding experience with Sonia Tavoletta. She is an excellent tour guide and creates a tour based on each persons preferences. Her knowledge of the city’s history, art and architectural evolution are extensive. She is well versed on a wide range of topics. We are grateful that we met her and our first 3 days and 3 tours were made immensely better with her guidance. Rome can be a very confusing, trafficky place. This is my 3rd time here. She is in expert at navigating this city

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Delighted to hear this! I have toured with her a couple of times and often recommend her.

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I would also recommend Marisa F. from; I can't recall her last name now, but she's an archaeologist-turned tour guide, and loves to walk the streets of Rome.

Marisa led us on walks that covered most of the best sites in Rome; when we were walking in the Roman Forum, she pointed out an area where she had been part of a dig when she was still in college.

I apologize for forgetting her last name; searching for it, but not finding it (yet).

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Another recommendation for Marissa (also can't remember her last name) from Tours by Locals. She met us at our hotel and included transportation from the hotel to our tour site. We were amazed at her knowledge and professionalism. Our tour was about four hours long. Our reservation was made about six months in advance of our arrival. Marissa provided needed contact information that really made us feel comfortable.
Our tour was for Ostica Antica and we were not disappointed.

One other side note. After our long flight to Rome from San Francisco my wife's knee began giving her considerable pain (wound up requiring a total replacement). Marissa showed tremendous compassion and went out of the way to make our tour the highlight of our European vacation.