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We are considering using this tour company on Mallorca and are wondering if any of you veteran travelers have used them recently. I see good reviews on Trip Advisor but many bad ones on TrustPilot. I am wondering what this group of seasoned travelers has to say about their experiences with them.
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I don't think With Locals is a tour company itself; I believe it is a third-party website that allows travelers to connect with local tour guides (not necessarily licensed) in cities they plan to visit. I don't know how much, if at all, the listed guides are vetted by With Locals.

I am not sure a good (or bad) experience with one guide found through With Locals is predictive of the experience one would have with a different guide.

If you tell us what guide/tour you are considering, maybe someone here will have had previous experience with the same guide/tour.

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We used WithLocals for a day trip from Athens to Marathon. The guide was superb! He was early to pick us up, very personable, and adjusted the itinerary to do exactly what we wanted. The WithLocals app was easy to use. We were sent a reminder about the deadline to cancel if we wanted to do so. Absolutely no problems with booking, reservations, or payment. I left a positive review of our guide on the website upon returning home. That being said, anyone could have a completely different experience!

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We used WithLocals in Valencia. The guide was fine; had obviously had prepared for the tour. I think if someone was a scholar of Spanish history, they might have found it wanting, but it was fine for us.

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Yes, the guides on are third party. They have to be licensed and vetted. The one we used in Split told us it took him a few months to get on their website. We’ve used them in Split, Dublin, Glasgow, Bruges, and Havana. Always professional, knowledgeable, and fun.

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The tours in Mallorca that we are interested in are The natural Beauty of Mallorca (goes up to the Formentor peninsula), Walking tour through the Beautiful Tramuntana, and Drach Caves. If anyone has done these tours and has a company to recommend, I would love to hear about them. In addition, does anyone have a boat trip from Soller to the northern peninsula that they can recommend?
Thanks to all in advance for your replies.

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Lin, we have a poster who travels often to Mallorca and may be able to help out here. I recommend reposting the info in your most recent post as an inquiry in the Spain Forum, including Mallorca in the title. That will probably catch his eye.

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hey hey Lin
we have used a few times in different cities and always was a good time we had with great guides.
this is another we have used with no issues. you have to decide what you like and want to see.
mallorca was a cruise stop for us on a transatlantic cruise few years back. we took the trendesoller train to bottom of soller and really enjoy it plus the small village down below. ( had lunch in the piazza and walked some of the streets/alleys palma
seafood paella in front of the sea in palma. want to do something different? there are a few others listed also.
enjoy and have fun in mallorca