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Recommendation of Adam Kiss, A Hungarian Guide

My wife Marilyn and I strongly recommend Adam Kiss, the local guide who was featured on page 37 of the 2019 Rick Steves Budapest guide book. On October 20, 2023 Adam picked us up near our apartment in Budapest and drove us to Eger where he gave us an excellent tour. We saw everything that we requested to see and some other superlative sights as well. For example, we enjoyed a private viewing of the camera obscura at the Lyceum and the Marzipan Museum. He was very thoughtful of our needs and physical condition and was informative. His English was excellent. We enjoyed his insights as he relayed his experiences in growing up in communist Hungary. Overall, it was a very enlightening, satisfying day and we are very happy that we hired him.
Robert Tratz

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I would like to second the endorsement of Adam Kiss. I toured with Adam in summer of 2023 for three days: Through Eger; from Eger to Budapest by way of Holloko; and later from Budapest to Szeged with stops in Kecskemet, Opusztaszer Heritage Park, and a traditional horse show. Adam is extremely affable, knowledgeable, attentive and prepared. After we had agreed on a general itinerary, he conducted further research to optimize the days' visits. For example, he looked into multiple horse shows to select the best quality and timing, and arranged for a dedicated guide in Kecskemet to enhance my experience there. He is one of the best guides I've ever had and cannot recommend him highly enough.