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Recommendation for D Day Tour

Many of the tour guides for Normandy fill up as far out as 6 months ahead of time and we were behind on our planning. Rick Steve's Normand and France book recommended Eric Le doux-Turnbull with D Day Landing Tours. Highly recommend him.

Eric was a fantastic tour guide. He is a true history buff and shares his knowledge with a deep passion. He was able to convey the story behind the story in a way that met the needs of my wife and I that wanted the 30,000 foot picture and my sons who wanted the boots on the ground details. He scrapped his whole agenda for the day and worked with my sons to really focus in on their interests and met all of our expectations. We really appreciated his flexibility. What we wanted isn't for the faint of heart, but he went right along with it and spent 6 hours on Omaha Beach and 2 hours on Pointe du Hoc. My son the West Point graduate was blown away with the day. Truly met all of our expectations. I am sure his standard tours are out of this world, it's just nice to know that if you want a tour guide to go into depth on the subject he can do it.

Quick insight into his thinking - Eric had us walk all the way out to the water's edge so we could imagine and understand the difficulty of coming ashore at Omaha, and visualize the causeways leading away from the beach and explain where the gun emplacements were stacked up against the Allies. Interesting enough, the 6 other tours that had parked and were on the beach - all stood back at the parking lot and gave their 20 minute talk and then moved on. None of them took the time to walk out to the water's edge. It formalized in my head, we had picked the right tour guide.

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