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Private Driver to Pueblos Blancos from Seville or Granada

Hi. My family of 5 are going to Spain and would like to go to a couple of the White Hill Towns from either Seville or Granada. (We have a 3 night stay in both cities). I do not want to go through the hassles of driving or renting a car so was wondering if anyone has rented a private driver for the day.

I did inquire a tour company but was too expensive....they wanted 600 euros for the trip to take the 5 of us. That is close to
900 dollars and was hoping to contain costs a little more.

Thank you!

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I don't know if you have found a driver yet, but the best prices I have found are with South Ole Spain Tours. You could Google them and send an email to inquire. While their web site shows mostly group tours, they will also provide private transports.

If you use them before early next year, please please let me know if you were pleased. I checked for reviews, and on Trip Advisor they only have excellent reviews (but only a total of 21-22 reviews, so I think they MIGHT be a relatively new company). But, Emily who runs the company has been extremely prompt in answering my emails and offering to help with any other aspect of our vacation.

And we well understand the desire to not rent a car and reason to add stress to what is supposed to be a pleasant trip. And, my sister has friends who experienced a flat tire in a rental car about 15 minutes after leaving Barcelona.....turns out it was a set-up and they got robbed on the side of the road by two guys who had presented themselves as offering to help the couple in need. They were left on the side of the road with the flat tire, no passports, no money, no credit cards, no cell phone, etc., and they didn't speak much Spanish. Not a good way to start the trip.

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Have you glanced at a map to figure out why this might be so expensive?

From either Seville or Granada to the most proximate of either Arcos or Ronda is a pretty hefty distance. Essentially, you've just asked about the expense/efficacy of a day trip from Philadelphia to New York. Do you normally use private drivers for that type of jaunt?