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Pompeii private tour guide recommendation

We hired Ms. Cecilia Walch as a private tour guide for Pompeii. My wife is an Archaeologist. She felt Ms. Walch was excellent. My wife appreciated that Ms. Walch did her presentation based on archaeological facts rather than on stuff made-up to fill in the gaps or to romanticize things. Ms. Walch spoke to my wife using Archaeological facts yet spoke in layman terms to myself and the rest of the family. I thought that it was rather cool for Ms. Walch to go up to the other tourists and remind them not to touch the artifacts even while she was conducting our private tour. She is obviously dedicated to the preservation of the site. She has a superb fund of knowledge. Her web site is
We also went to the National Archaeological Museum in Naples which is where they transported some of the more interesting artifacts from Pompeii. Eh. Don't go out of your way to see this collection. The informational cards on the items were mostly in Italian. If you find yourself in Naples, which I do not recommend if you are on a limited timed trip, then see the Museum. Do not travel there as we did so as to visit this Museum.

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