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Pepo Klaic - day trips - negative review!

We hired Pepo Klaic 2 months in advance, agreed to a pickup date, time, and location, as well as a price (40 euro pp for a group of 5). When we called him as instructed the morning of our scheduled tour - he answered the phone saying he was not available to drive us anymore - He literally cancelled at the last minute leaving us in the lurch and forced to find someone else who could take us to Montenegro or anywhere for that matter. Our plans for the day for our group of 5 were ruined. We had to find a driver who could take just 2 of us the next day (since 3 of the original group had to go to the airport) and we ended up paying 230 euro for only 2 people since it was so last minute. Our 3 friends never got to see Montenegro as planned. What a crappy experience, and so unprofessional to bow out at the last minute.

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Did he say why he was cancelling? Illness or a death in the family? Did he have a good reason? Did he not offer a substitute company or guide?

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Hi Ms. Jo no he did not give a reason other than he was already in the car driving somewhere else. I could hear that he was in a car on the road when we spoke. He offered one other name and that person was unavailable - obviously - this was the height of the summer (July 11th) and it was last minute. We did our due diligence in arranging our transport with Pepo months in advance knowing full well we would not be able to get someone last minute...