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Orvieto from Rome - Day Trip

We will be spending a few days in Rome and DH stated that he'd like to visit some wineries in Orvieto. I've done a bit of searching and while getting to Orvieto seems simple, it doesn't seem like we can just walk up and pop in to the wineries. I've seen several which state that reservations are required and some tours are a bit more expensive then expected which is why we are thinking of the DIY method. I would appreciate any advice on this.

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The hill town of Orvieto is a lovely destination for a day in itself, easy by train, and you can do some wine tasting there. Enoteca al Duomo has a selection of wines by the glass and there are many wine stores. It sounds right that any winery campus will be hard to reach without a car, and the two that Rick describes do need reservations, since they are family run and may not always have staff on hand.

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I enjoyed the Custodi Winery by Orvieto. You would need a car to visit the wineries around the town. You could You may want to check with the taxi's that are out by the train station about the cost to a winery. Some are close to town and the price can't be that much.

Do you have Rick's guidebook? You can also try Giulitaxi that he has listed in there.