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Movie theaters in Rome or Paris?

I’m a movie lover and would love see one while we’re on our RS tour. We are spending a couple of extra days beyond the tour in Rome & Paris. Any cool cinema recommendations? Indie films, classics or first run—I like them all.

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In the very cool Testaccio neighborhood in Rome, we stayed in an apartment just down the block from the La Fabbrichetta cinema. They’re at Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 27.

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Plenty of cinemas in Paris, home to at least part of the movies' history of development. They range from the renowned Cinematheque
Francaise to multiplexes showing movies from all over. Some are projected with the original soundtrack plus French subtitles; look for the designation VO, for version originale.
One peculiar effect in a comedy is that the native English viewer laughs slightly before those who have to read the gag.

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In Rome, Casa del Cinema.

Art house cinema housed in a pavilion inside the grounds of Villa Borghese Park.

Things change and I’m hopeful Italian law now prevents attendees from smoking in the theatre.

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Quite true about the joke time lag with subtitles! And sometimes the jokes are entirely different as well. I remember seeing one of those "Airplane" comedies in VO in Paris, back when I was a student in the 1980s. I think that one was especially a challenge for the translators since so many of the fast-moving jokes were based on English language puns or specific to American culture. There was one, I forget what the original line was, but translated into French, it referred to characters from the TV show "Dallas" -- since that one was shown on French TV the audience would get it, unlike whatever the original joke was (which was not about "Dallas").

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Our last trip to Paris while in route my husband mentioned a few times how it was opening weekend for Alien, Covenant and how he hated missing that...yada yada. So while in Paris we did a spur of the moment decision to go see it, found it playing at UGC in Les Halles, saw it in Engish with French subtitles. Afterwards we walked around an area that was not on our itinerary and discovered a whole new area to explore. Very glad we were spontaneous.

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Wow, such great advice! I can’t wait. Thank you. That is so funny about the lag time and laugh response. And, yes, I would probably tolerate smoking but my husband would be miserable so that’s a good one to prepare for. Masks do come in handy when you’re traveling:)

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Saw an American western in a German movie house and had a great laugh when an indian rode up to John Wayne and said "Wei Gehts".