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Med Tours - Riviera

Has anyone reviewed them? We found them in the Provence book and called to set up a tour. We were very pleased that the van picked us up close to our hotel but from then on were disappointed. They were trying to fill their tours for the day and scheduled a couple half day along with our full day. Traffic was bad, not the guide's fault, but we spent at least an hour picking up everyone then set off from Nice through the city, then on to end in Monaco and Monte Carlo. Our tour guide (whose name I can't remember 9/26/14) mostly chatted with a friendly guy in the van and said very little about the area; it was expensive and Angelina Jolie had her babies in the local hospital, that's it. He brought us first to the perfume factory which I had tried to specifically avoid based on Rick's recommendation and the description of the tour which didn't mention it but it seemed the guide was combining tours. That tour was insulting and we just waited to leave again. We then had 15 minutes to tour Est which could have been a nice hour or so, then he dropped us in Monaco for three hours. He came back with another group, picked us up, then dropped us at Monte Carlo for another hour. It was basically an expensive ride. We should have just taken a bus or cab and gone to Cap De Ferrat or spent more time walking Villefranche which we found charming when we walked there on a different day. This tour was very disappointing.

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