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Italy excursions june

We are traveling to Italy end of May first of June.
We will be in Rome! Sorrento, Vience and Tuscany.
We are trying to decide if we need to pre book excursions or can we wait til we get there?
Any insight would be helpful

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It depends on what you want to see. Some places you can just wander in. Other places such as doing the underground/third ring tour at the colosseum book out within minutes of the tours being released so not much point turning up and hoping to do that one!! Many of the websites will advice if prebook if is required but if you can't find that info then list on here the places you intend to visit and people will let you know which ones to prebook.

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Bill, are you asking about day trips OUT of these cities or to see attractions within the cities themselves? If the latter, yes, booking advance tickets to some of them is definitely advised during high season to eliminate standing in long lines.

Colosseum; general entry OR tours
Vatican Museums; general entry OR tours
Galleria Borghese (the museum requires advance tickets)

Florence (Tuscany):
Duomo dome (advance reservations are mandatory for this one)

Hopefully someone will know about Venice as it's been too long since last I was there. You don't need anything for Sorrento.

If you're asking about day trips, which ones are you looking at taking and how much time will you be spending in each city listed above? It's very easy to try and fit too many things into too few days! Day trips to the most popular locations can often be done independently by train or bus but some - like to places with infrequent or few public transit options - are better done with a tour or by rental car. Some others are further away than they may look and involve really long, exhausting trips.

Regarding tours in general, it's sometimes up to personal preference whether to book them or not. There can be advantages at the Vatican Museums, because it's so vast, and for places like the Roman Forum where things aren't well labeled. Still, some travelers do just fine with audio guides and books. If you give us a bit more information, we can make some suggestions and provide links for ticketing/tours. Budget and mobility challenges can be factors as well so more versus less information would be helpful!

Have you booked your accommodations?

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Bill: my wife and I are doing Italy in June as well...order of cities is Milan, Rome, Sorrento and then Florence. Rome is with a Rick Steves' tour starting June 4. If going to Sorrento we found that one of Rick Steve's recommendations for day-trips out of Sorrento, has some interesting trips, 2 of which we signed up for already...first is a day trip to Capri (which for June 12 already have 11 people signed up for a max of 30 in 3 different boats/tour guids heading over to the island...second is a day trip cruising around the Amalfi coast in a minivan (8 people max) with a local guide.....We are doing Pompeii and Herculaneum as a separate day trip with Acampora Trave/ (again a small group tour). Up in Florence/Tuscany we signed up for a half day tour on June 16 with Frederica Olla in Siena (another RS recommendation). If any of these dates or ideas synch up with what you are up to let me far as the question to pre-book....I think the general masses day trip stuff you can wait until you get wherever, but if you want a small group tour or line up a specific tour guide I would do that as soon as your itinerary is locked down. Glad to share mine if you are [email protected]. I am also finding that going through sites like on recommended hotels and pre-paying is realizing decent savings on hotel rates plus gives some protection if the Euro starts to rise against the dollar.. We purchased trip insurance (Allianz) so we are good relative to pre-paying hotels and then something bad happens preventing us from going in June.